This TikTok hack could help control fear caused by weed

Regular marijuana smokers are very familiar with weed fear. This phenomenon, which is common for beginners, for people who smoke another strain of weed, or indulge themselves excessively, can quickly throw a wrench into your relaxed evening. And it seems that TikTok recently discovered a well-known hack for it: peppercorns.

TikTok user @ transstender’s viral hack suggests chewing or sniffing whole peppercorns or lemons to reduce the paranoia and anxiety that sometimes comes with consuming THC. While dedicated weed users already know this, younger generations are now being recognized.

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The chemicals found in peppercorns and lemons help you relax by producing an effect similar to that of CBD. There is some scientific evidence to support this.

As we previously reported, peppercorns contain terpenes (aromatic compounds found in many plants) that are able to interact with the terpenes found in cannabis. The terpenes in peppercorn, pinene, and caryophyllene are known to reduce the psychoactive tendencies of THC and prevent reactions such as anxiety and paranoia.

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Other high terpene foods include mangoes, which many people use when consuming cannabis because they claim they produce a stronger high.

Cannabis is a pretty mysterious compound. While it has been around for centuries, we are only now beginning to understand all of the complexities of the plant, how the way it works with our endocannabinoid systems, and whether it interacts with other elements that we ingest. The next time you experience weed-related anxiety, keep some peppercorns close by. It doesn’t hurt to try.

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