Smoking Weeds For The First Time – Watch 8 Instructional Videos

So you are ready to smoke weed the first time. Maybe you’re with a group of friends who are teaching you the ropes … or maybe you’re alone and want to give it a try. Check Out These 8 Educational Cannabis Videos! All of them are short and easy to follow, but most of all they put you on the right track and prepare you for Stoner’s success!

Put an end to your worries

Any new experience can be nerve-wracking, but when it comes to weeds, there is nothing to worry about. The purpose of these videos is to put you at ease.

Can you overdose on marijuana? From Howcast

Sit down with a doctor and find out how cannabis works in the brain and why cannabis can’t kill you.

Cannabis for Beginners – What Do I Do If I Get Too High? From Civilized with Derek Riedle

While you can’t fatally overdose, some people accidentally take too much cannabis. This is a very quick video about it with a plan that is easy to follow. Have this bookmark handy and have it ready when you first smoke weed. That way, you can relax and focus on enjoying your first cannabis experience.

Brass tactics

OK. So you are ready to be stoned your first time. There are a few things that you still need to find out, such as: B. How and what you will be using. Check out these videos to get some thought about what to look for and to find out some of the details.

Beginners marijuana strain guide from The Oregonian

This is a great video on the effects of different types of cannabis and gives some examples of strains.

How to Pick and Smoke a Lifehacker Weed Pipe

If you don’t roll a joint or have access to pre-rolled joints, this video describes the different devices for smoking cannabis.

Cannabis for Beginners – How Much Cannabis Should I Use? From Civilized with Derek Riedle

Check out this clip for a quick rundown of how much to ingest and how to approach it. It addresses both weed smoking and food and the time it may take to feel an effect. In addition, it takes less than a minute.

For perspective

The laws surrounding cannabis have always been based on stigma rather than fact. Fortunately, this is starting to change, but it will only continue if we our lawmakers stick to the task.

It is important that everyone knows where we legally are and how we got there. That way, you can make informed decisions when it comes to where to make your purchases. Not to mention who you choose.

Ups and Downs of Canada Legalizing Recreational Cannabis by Global News

This video, produced by Global News, offers an unbiased look at the state of cannabis legalization, one year after it went into effect. Unfortunately, there are no favorable developments in the following six months. This is a good video that shows the situation for both the gray and legal markets, as well as the financial implications for the consumer.

Toronto Dispensary Protest – Project Claudia from The Cannabis Life Network

In May 2016, despite public outcry and lack of access to cannabis, the Toronto police raided over 40 cannabis dispensaries and named the investigation “Project Claudia”. This video documents the public response.

The provincial Community Safety Unit raided Chek News’ Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club

Across the country, BC Province has continued to raid cannabis compassion clubs despite the lack of access to medical cannabis. This is a short video from a Victoria News broadcaster that covered a raid and the impact it had on the surrounding community. As it stands, compassion clubs are still threatened and medical patients continue to be collateral damage.

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