The best tips for a flexible body

Working at home, working in the office, driving, all things that put our bodies in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. Flying trainer, doing technical work or using the couch as an office at the same time, in every way your back and your body pay the price. How do you get your body back to where you can move it without hurting? Here are the best tips for a flexible body. Your body and brain will appreciate it.

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Flexibility and openness to new experiences allow people to learn new things. It also helps people adapt to changing circumstances, which can help them function more effectively in their environment. People are better able to let go of negative or unhelpful thought and behavior patterns if they remain psychologically flexible.

How to get started

It's not hard to start stretching and moving. Take a short walk every few hours or go online and take a simple stretching or beginner yoga class – anything is better than nothing.

One of the best options is static stretching. Here you get into a stretch and hold it for a certain period of time without moving. Even incorporating static stretching into your routine can make a big difference in how your body feels. It opens your body and restores some muscle movements.

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Stretching exercises are boring for most people because you have to hold these positions for a long period of time for them to have any effect. Try to hold your stretches for at least 30 seconds and noticeably feel the tension in your muscles. To make this process easier to complete, focus on completing this period of time and not putting too much strain on your muscles. If you can't hold a pose because it hurts too much, try applying less pressure.

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Consume your proteins

Protein-rich foods and shakes can help your body after exercise and prevent pain and muscle loss during the recovery process. These elements are also necessary for building muscle and repairing damaged tissue. Proteins fill you up and help you stay mobile as you age and lose body mass.

Do not skip the cooling process

It's common for people to leave a spinning or boxing class before completing their post-workout stretches. This is harmful to your joints and muscles and will likely result in pain the next day. Stretching exercises speed up your recovery process while increasing your mobility and flexibility. Once you've finished your cardio workout, your body will be warm and more likely to stretch than at other times of the day.

Take a warm bath

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While warm baths alone won't help you become more flexible, they will trick your body into feeling relaxed, which is crucial for developing flexibility. When you try a new stretch or engage a muscle you rarely use, your body's natural response is to tense up. A warm bath can help you stay relaxed and put your muscles in a more productive mood, so you can stretch at the end or beginning of the day.

Try new workouts

The easiest way to work on your flexibility is to do a workout that targets these muscles and skills, such as yoga, tai chi, or Pilates. These exercises can add variety to your workout routine and even improve your performance in other activities by improving your jogging, boxing, or spinning skills.

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