What you should know about Easy Marijuana Sublinguals

Sometimes you want something quick to either relax or ease anxiety. If you can't or don't want to smoke or drink alcohol, there is an answer. Here's what you should know about sublingual marijuana strips. They are more niche, as e-cigarettes, gummies, and traditional flowers (joints, bowls, bongs) are more popular. But using a sublingual strip or oil is easy, clean and discreet.

Sublingual products refer to a type of product that is absorbed under the tongue or sublingually. Pfizer achieved its breakthrough with the introduction of Listerine mouthwash strips in 2002. The cannabis industry has taken notice and now you can administer cannabis sublingually in oil, tablets, tinctures and fast-dissolving strips. The positive thing about them is that they are great for quick use to relax, unwind, relieve pain or anxiety.

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Using a sublingual is easy. Swallow before use to prevent saliva from absorbing the product. Swallowing quickly after use can wash away the cannabinoids, resulting in a different and likely less potent experience. Instead, after swallowing, you need to keep your THC product sublingual until it dissolves. This can be done in a variety of ways, from inserting it under the tongue to pressing it into the cheek. After consuming the product, wait up to ten minutes before eating or drinking anything. This ensures the optimal experience.

You should feel the effects after about 15 to 30 minutes. Due to the nature of absorption, sublingual tablets work just as quickly as vaping or smoking, so careful dosing is important. The other advantage is that there is no smell, making it perfect for discreet use.

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Treating pain with cannabis extracts administered sublingually is preferred by many physicians because they may be considered easier to obtain and consume from pharmacies. Sublingual administration could also have the advantage of more consistent dosing while avoiding the adverse effects of smoking.

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