The best balanced CBD:THC hemp seeds in 2024

There should be no shame in any grower if they ever miss out on THC-dominant weed. Type 2 cannabis – a strain that has the same or higher CBD-to-THC ratio – can be just as pleasurable and relieving as a heavy hitter, but on a different level. Growing Type 2 genetics from reputable breeders can deliver big yields and buds that are just as sticky and enjoyable as the heady powerhouses we're all used to.

Longtime home growers may finally be ready to hear what their merry buddies who grow medicinal flower have been saying all along – the entourage effect is real and spectacular! Read on and discover for yourself with the best balanced CBD:THC cannabis seeds and clones to grow in 2024!

What are Type 2 seeds?

A type 2 cannabis seed is typically characterized by a balanced ratio of THC and CBD of 1:1. Other “mixed ratio” seeds with a CBD dominant ratio such as 2:1 or 5:2 are often also considered Type 2. As several growers confirmed to me, these ratios can also contain a variety of smaller cannabinoids in similar ratios.

In comparison, Type 1 seeds are THC dominant (more than 0.3%) with a very low CBD content (less than 0.5%).

Type 3 seeds, on the other hand, are even more CBD dominant; They have a ratio of around 20:1 and offer hardly any psychoactive effects.

Why should home growers choose Type 2 seeds?

To find out what's going on with the Type 2 transition, I traveled coast to coast to learn from two “Pauls” who are both major seed experts: Paul N. Chucker of DC Seed Exchange and Paul Lawl of Multiverse Beans in Washington.

“Some of my best highs come from hemp flowers. People who don’t try ratio strains are really missing out,” Lawl said. “In my experience, CBD really helps eliminate the fear of the high THC strains,” he added.

DCSE's Paul Chucker explained that he sees “a lack of awareness of the benefits of various cannabinoids and the entourage effect,” pointing out that the entourage effect “amplify their benefits, potentially leading to more complete experiences and treatment.” of problems.” a broader range of needs.”

Close-up of a green and purple budThese cicadas are buzzing. Crickets and Cicadas' Panama Red CBD

Some top 1:1 Type 2 seeds to try

Breeders like Rab Stubing, founder of Seattle Chronic Seeds, produce strains with therapeutic and often manageable balances. Stubing is on a mission to fill a gap with different cannabinoid ratios in its seed varieties.

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Looking for a place to start your Type 2 journey? Check out Miracle Worker, one of Stubing's most popular 1:1 strains.

Super Sour CBD, another favorite, boasts the highest CBD content of 1:1 in all of its Type 2 works. This super stable F8 is a cross between Sour Brasi x Sour D BX/OX x Sour CBD Grenades. It is available as a regular seed and has levels in the 12% CBD/12% THC range. These values ​​make it a great medicinal smoke. Earthy and super acidic, it is known to work wonders for a variety of pain, mobility and mood issues.

Here are some other great seed options:

  • JD Short's Second Generation Genetics is a star Pinkberry F1
  • If you're in California, stop by Purple City genetics' Gush Mints CBD (Gush Mints x Fruitcake) feminized seeds. This Cali exclusive has some shenanigans peaking at 20% CBD/20% THC along with a sensational frosty purple sachet appeal! Check out this list of stores which are equipped with PCG's high quality Type 2 devices

1:1 Type 2 Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower seed breeders have not slowed down when it comes to producing excellent strains that offer a balanced medicinal value.

Mephisto Genetics has released Aunt Ginny's Elixir (Jacky CBD F3.3 x Walter White (Mitch's Pick)) in their feminized Medicinal Collection. It complements their Canna-Cheese 1:1 (Cannatonic x Northern Cheese Haze) available from F5, which, according to Mephisto co-founder and breeder Tim, is “their greatest achievement”.

“It was very difficult to bring CBD into something where it wasn't before, and it was a pretty fun journey with Canna-Cheese,” he recalled fondly when we spoke in 2023.

Looking for more Type 2 autoflower recccs? Check out the Seattle Chronic gem Speedy SOGA F3 (SOGAbx2 x R4 Auto), Twenty20 Mendocino's VitaMints, and Dutch Passion's female Compassion Lime Auto & Blackberry Kush Auto.


Leafly’s Best CBD Strains – Summer 2023

1:1 type 2 hemp seed genetics

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp breeders can take their federally compliant genetics game to the next level – Type 2 – as the law allows seeds with THC levels of up to 0.3%. Phenotypes can be selected for Farm Bill compliance and are just as horny, beautiful and therapeutic as anything else on the market.

Star Seed Co.

Breeder Floyd of Hoku Seed Co. was already a medical breeder when he started his popular seed company in 2019 after the Farm Bill took effect. Since then, he has been in full swing to develop different types of seeds, including regular and feminized type 2 seeds with a wide range of cannabinoids.

Strains are available that are both Farm Bill compliant (<0.3 THC) for hemp breeders and home growers who want to go beyond just hemp with higher levels of THC and even higher levels of CBD.

“Now we’re looking at even more chemotypes,” Floyd explained in a very informative conversation in early January. “We are working on type 2, but they are also rich in CBD-V and THC-V. They contain four different cannabinoids. Some of the variations are very uplifting.”

Floyd's recommendations include:

High alpine genetics

Growing plants indoorsBehold, High Alpine's unicorn butter.

At the top of the list of the best CBD-rich genetics are High Alpine Genetics and the company founder/breeder Thomas. As a committee member of the State of Colorado Hemp Advisory Board, he knows a thing or two about these things. His strains feature open-source genetics that he encourages anyone to breed with and clone to their heart's content.

“Our strains tend to contain a broader spectrum of cannabinoids,” he explained during a brief conversation from his farm. “CBC, CBG, CBD-V – many of them contain different cannabinoids that you really don’t see with THC alone.”

Broad-spectrum High Alpine Genetics Type 2 seeds for any home grow include the CBC-heavy Unicorn Butter and its parents Buddha's Budda and Unicorn Crush.

F1 crosses now available also include Limburger Burger (Lemon Cookie Dough Limburger phenotype), Cookie Burgers and the legendary Banana Mac cross, Alien Burgers. Fries not included.

Mixed cannabinoid ratios

The breeders I have spoken to generally agree that Type 2 seeds can contain mixed ratios and various cannabinoids, including CBD-V, THC-V, CBG and CBC, to name a few. “A lot of people think Type 2 can only be a 1:1, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true,” Floyd told me from Hoku.

With that in mind, here's a roundup of some of the craziest metrics on the market.

  • Stars Wild country is an 8:1 CBD dominant hash plant.
  • Check out Humboldt's CBD trifectaan all-in-one pack of high CBD, low THC strains x 3 (Honey-Tsu, Love, Lucy, Harle-Spice).
  • crickets and cicadas Panama red F4 Normal seeds are 2:1.
  • Cali Connections CBD ANDhas a ratio of 2:1.
  • Interested in seeds that contain even more CBD with Type 3 and other cannabinoids? Checkout Star Seed Co. & High alpine genetics'endless selection of high quality products.

Vape cart package against white backgroundThe Humboldt Seed Co. CBD Trifecta Vape Cart

Select the correct Type 2 profiles and ratios

Type 2 cannabis seeds have a high return value as they have the potential to relieve pain and anxiety thanks to their different blends of cannabinoids. They can also help consumers have more control over the experience instead of always letting the high-potency weed run the show.

Choose from a variety of versatile seeds for your relaxation needs. Whether it's Type 2 1:1 genes, mixed ratios, or even Type 3 or Type 4 genetics, it's time to move on to the next level.

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