On Women's Day, women are speaking out about grass

Senator Patty Murray is the second most powerful woman in government and she clearly supports the cannabis industry. The industry stereotype tends to be that stoner guys are laid back, but times have changed. And now, on Women's Day, women are making an impact on weed. Women make up 50.4% of the US population and 50.3% in Canada. While the industry is still driven by men, women have a huge economic influence. They have propelled businesses forward, influenced how cannabis is grown, and have a significant impact on what products are purchased.

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The number of cannabis users in the United States who identify as women is also growing. TThe growth rate of female consumers in the US exceeds that of male consumers – 55% and 49%, respectively.And this even applies to Generation Z, who are turning away from alcohol and turning to marijuana. So as consumers they have a valuable part of the industry.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

And while the number is smaller, women now make up 39% of the marijuana executives driving the industry. The star is Nancy Whiteman of Wana Brands. As co-founder and CEO, she is on a mission to get the edibles company onto mainstream store shelves as quickly as possible. A rescheduling can give her a big win. She has the vision to see the future of how products are sold to the public.

Debra Brochardt founded Green Market Report and established the business magazine as the most reliable and trustworthy website for clear, honest industry information. Shanita Penny has helped shape public policy with the Coalition for Cannabis.

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About 37% of active physicians were women in 2021, up from about 36% in 2019, and about 47% of residents and fellows were women. This is a key element in medical marijuana as they tend to be younger and also adopt new treatments.

Women buy 61.2% of wines under $20 a bottle, making them a major force in the time industry. It also displays frequency and volume. As cannabis becomes more mainstream, this will be a major driver for the vape and edible portion of marijuana.

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