The 5 best yoga exercises for menstrual cramps

Sometimes you just want something to ease the pain

It comes like a dreaded alarm clock. And if your period isn't bad enough, many women experience dysmenorrhea, nausea, and terrible pelvic pain that can last for days during menstruation. Around 80% of women suffer from period pain at some point in their lives. But for 5 to 10% of women, the pain is so severe that it interferes with their lives.

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Although there is a prescription, there are also other methods to relieve the pain. For this and for general health, it is important to drink plenty of water. Avoid things with trans fats as they can increase inflammation. Another way is to reduce caffeine consumption. Also try applying heat or taking a hot shower. And to provide both physical and mental relief, here are the 5 best yoga poses to help with menstrual cramps.

Cat cow

This pose is great for warming up your body. Do them slowly so that you can feel each step of the way and release your tension and some of your pain.

Fold forward

This pose strengthens the spine while stretching the hips. It also relieves strain on your back because the pose stretches the backs of your legs, thighs, and calves.


This pose is also known as Corpse Pose, where you lie down and remain still like a corpse. Phew. This position is suitable for introspection and relaxation, controlling your breath and distracting your mind from the pain of your body.

Child pose

This pose is great for back problems as it gently stretches and relaxes your lower back muscles. Focus on your breathing and relaxing your hips, and your pain will leave you alone in no time.

Lying rotation

This pose gives your back and hips a great stretch, giving your body some much-needed relaxation, especially if you suffer from severe cramps, while stimulating your digestive organs.

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