Have You Used These 5 Crazy Dating Dealbreakers?

Dating is a dance of predictability and desire – but sometimes a person is just a little too crazy

Dating can be difficult. Finding the right person who fits your general expectations can be a long process. Although no one is perfect and everyone has their quirks, you still need to figure out how the two of you fit together in the long term (or even medium term). With advances in technology, it has become even more difficult. There are so many people online, but few are equal. Sometimes you meet great people, maybe even arrange to meet for a short time and then cancel for a very good reason. But have you taken advantage of these 5 crazy dating deal breakers?

The wrong zodiac sign

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While it may seem strange in today's tech-driven world that people use zodiac signs as a guide, it is true. In India, mating is an important step towards an arranged marriage. In the US and Canada, 78% of active Bumble users have added a star sign to their profile. Many partners find certain combinations of zodiac signs to be more compatible than others, which can influence their decision whether to approach someone. And some just call it off when their signs are oil and water.

Bad grammar

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In a survey of 2,000 people in the dating pool, 71% said they were put off by poor punctuation and grammar. If the person's grammar is terrible and barely readable, it's hard to understand how they managed to lead a functioning life. Some see this as a lack of self-respect or respect for others. There is also the fear of embarrassment when hanging out in friend and work groups.

Bad taste in food

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The rise of the Insta era has helped us develop our sense of taste and given us access to delicious food photography, recipes and more. Culinary adventures, be it the search for the best fried chicken or something more exotic and complicated, have become a priority for many people. While it may seem snobbish, it's a legitimate concern if someone doesn't share that passion with you. When a man says, “I don't eat vegetables or order a hamburger at a Michelin-starred restaurant,” it can be a real relationship killer. It becomes troublesome every time we go out.

Stupid Facebook statuses

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The online personality is a reflection of the person and sometimes even a more accurate one. This is a popular dealbreaker where a person's social media presence is a huge turn-off and is completely different than in real life. Someone can be nice in person and a troll online.

Someone addicted to screens

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Phone addiction is real and most suffer from it to some degree. There are people who take it too far and are unable to constantly pay attention to appointments and conversations on their phone. These people are distracting, rude and frightening. Being glued to a screen prevents the person from seeing their date's nonverbal behavior. Using them means not giving undivided attention and being fully present, which is the strongest expression of affection and respect in a relationship.

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