Pop Seeds 2024 Grand Finale: Best Seeds and Clones for Hashish

March is here and with it your best chance of growing a giant plant outdoors – if you start indoors now. Therefore, we conclude our 2024 season guide to the hottest strains and breeders with an overview of award-winning strains bred to produce excellent hash.

Farmers and hashish producers have learned that not all strains are created equal for extraction. Some taste great like flowers but flat like hashish. Others make good oil for pens but bad rosin. Some are real “dumpers” – releasing big, fat heads of trichomes on long, fragile stalks; all the easier to collect in the ultimate swab. A great hash hit allows you to enjoy the soul of a strain like a Mortal Kombat villain. But it all starts with a perfect flower. Let's dive in:

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Coverage of Ego Clash 2023 in Mendocino County, California – Hashish is still in its papaya era and also its honey banana era. So expect more trophies for these tropical, fruity flavored concentrates.

We achieve premium germination rates with CHA seeds from Humboldt County, California, so we proudly recommend CHA Honey Belts or CHA Frenchy's Force (Frenchie's Grapes x Grapaya). Honey Belts transfers the Honey Banana trend to Rainbow Belts. This is candy on candy. Frenchy's Grapes x Grapaya promises incredible grape flavor in a crazy, bold strain.

The team at Bloom Seed Co. is making a big impact in the hashish world and is striking with its MAD Honey (Honey Banana x Sherbanger).

You really can't talk about banana terps without paying attention to Masonic Seeds. Compton-based “Mace” has produced a ton of hash wins and is dabbing like a boss. Masonic always has an affordable, diverse lineup with successful work on its strain Wilson and its Banana God.

Wilson Crosses and Banana God continue to win awards into 2024. On February 29th he introduced us to, among other things, the Acapulco Gold Wilson and the Sour D Wilson. And there's always money in Banana Man.

Masonic Seeds will host the Seed Shwaggle in the Cave at the influential, industry-specific The Ego Clash 2023 in December. (David Downs/Leafly)Masonic Seeds will host the Seed Shwaggle in the Cave at the influential, industry-specific The Ego Clash 2023 in December. (David Downs/Leafly)

Keep the Honey Banana vibes going with Honey Banana S1 from DNA Genetics – they'll be bringing that heat to the world in 2024.

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We move up the coast of California and arrive in Oakland, California, where Purple City Genetics has a whole line of crazy hashish strains. Check out Fez (Rainbow Belts x Moroccan Peaches) and Habibi (Z x Moroccan Peaches) – they produce phenomenal hash and yield over 4%.


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PCG's Canal St. Runtz washes at 5%, which is a big deal here. This means that 100 grams of flowers yields 5 grams of delicious hash. In general, the higher the hashish yield, the more productive the strain is.

Only in clone form, Canal Street Runtz comes from PCG's El Krem collection. It has “a Bubblegum Runtz terp that is missing from the hash market but clearly has demand,” said PCG founder and head breeder Auryn McCafferty.

“This strain is suitable for dual uses as the flower looks fantastic, has a test average of 33% and yields better than Runtz. Our favorite El Krem seeds are probably Sour Peaches (AJ Sour Diesel x Moroccan Peaches); Huge plants with amazing resin – look out for this plant to win some awards this year.”

In the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and beyond lies a true cannabis country that has even more to offer you.

Crockett Family Farms' 2024 hash seed assortment includes Day-O.  (David Downs/Leafly)Crockett Family Farms' 2024 hash seed assortment includes Day-O. (David Downs/Leafly)

Crockett Family Farms, famous for Tangie and Banana Sherbert, brought Day-O (Tallymon x Papaya Banana Sherbert) seeds to The Ego Clash. This is a killer cross. Both varieties have recently won awards and remain the talk of the town.

Keep your sweets super juicy with Rainbow Guava from Bloom Seed Co. (Rainbow Belts 2.0 x Strawberry Guava – for the win).

Even more fruit comes from the California Seed Bank, which runs One Fritter Quitter – an Apple Fritter project.

A Fritter Quitter comes from Apple Fritter x Banana OG x Donny Burger x Mike LarryV2 with a fruit cereal flavored fuel smell and other fruity Kush Gas flavors.

A Fritter Quitter under a grow light.  (Courtesy of California Seed Bank)A Fritter Quitter under a grow light. (Courtesy of California Seed Bank)

“It comes out super flatulent and powerful. Plus, it features the Apple Fritter structure along with the modified banana structure and hashing capabilities – fewer leaves, leaving room for more grass and resin!”

Happy Dreams Farms, which helped provide the world with vanilla frosting, is recommending garlic mash to all hash makers this year. California Seed Bank also ensures the savory taste with Papa Burger to keep the smelly GMO terps flowing.

Over in Colorado, Cannarado has Big Hunk (Fatso x Papaya).

“Expect high-yielding, high-terpene plants ready in about 10 weeks. These have proven to work well for both solvent-free concentrate and pure flowers. Funk and fruit!”

Big Hunk brings Fatso to Papaya Town.  (Most Polite Cannarado)Big Hunk brings Fatso to Papaya Town. (Most Polite Cannarado)

And then we end with some old school weirdness.

Good old Bodhi Seeds markets beans as well as ever and has Razzleberry Hashplant, a cross between Goji Raz F2 x 88G13HP. This is good stuff. The Goji Raz should offer a more raspberry-inducing, more cuddly strain, and the 1988 G-13 Hashplant Indica promises to catapult you back into the world of Stranger Things.

OK, we've independently reported – without fear or favor – in more than 3,000 words in three posts about which seeds and clones to grow in 2024. Today is the day you can burst a pack, find a guardian, and change the world with your weed. So let's grow!

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