Biden's weed tweet received numbers and feedback

His mention of marijuana at the State of The Union was historic, but boy did he get some feedback when he tweeted.

For many years, the State of the Union Address was referred to as “the President’s annual message to Congress.” George Washington is believed to have started this tradition and the term “State of the Nation” was first used by Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) in 1934. President Biden's mention of marijuana was historic and also showed that the plant's reputation has evolved greatly since the War on Drugs. And when he tweeted about it, things got spicy. Biden's weed tweet got numbers and feedback – and the government might be wise to pay attention.

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The cannabis-related tweet reached 14 million and had 12,000 comments and 104,000 likes. The president mentioned his marijuana pardons, which drew numerous reactions. According to BDSA, a leading cannabis analytics firm, the industry generated $29.5 billion in sales in 2023. When it comes to the need to grow the economy and taxes, it's a new industry that the public wants, but outdated laws penalize small businesses.

If you subtract comments that aren't weed-related, they fall into three categories. The first is the remaining resentment against Vice President Harris over her historic stance on marijuana. The industry was initially excited when Biden was elected because he announced he would push forward with cannabis legalization. His slow pace and Vice President Harris' previous role have frustrated the industry, and it shows in the harsh remarks.

Another large batch of comments were just about to make a move! Science, the American Medical Association and the federal Health and Human Services Agency (HHS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have all said there are benefits. People are demanding quick action from him. However, it appears to the public that the government has been slow to keep this promise since 2020.

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The third major conversation concerns his perception that his pardons did more for the prisoners than they actually did. Here too, there is discontent and the online community wants him to understand what he did and didn't do.

While the industry is expanding, it is still in growth mode and needs essential help to continue growing. Rescheduling would allow state cannabis operators to take advantage of federal tax deductions from which they are currently excluded due to an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) code known as 280E. This would bring immediate benefits to the cannabis industry, which is over 50% small businesses.

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