How should I clean the under cigarettes?

General Jet Water Pipes Amazon consists mainly of three parts: a cigarette tube with nicotine solution, a vaporizer and a battery. The atomizer is powered by a battery stick and can convert the liquid nicotine in the smoke bomb into mist, so that the user has a similar sensation as when smoking while smoking and thus recognizes “swallow clouds and spit mist”. It can even add flavors of chocolate, mint, and other flavors to the pipe, depending on personal preference. Jet Water Pipes Amazon, however, must be cleaned after prolonged use, otherwise the taste will be sweet and the atomization effect will deteriorate. So how should it be cleaned? Let’s look at the method.

Jet Water Pipes Amazon cleaning method

1, fill a small bowl with warm water; Also, use another bowl to hold a small amount of wine / vinegar / cola (gasoline is best for washing grease, however, since Amazon’s waterjet lines go straight into your mouth, the use of gasoline is not recommended). Disconnect the battery stick and set it aside, depending on the structure of the Amazon jet water pipes (here, the author’s super-sensation jet water pipe Amazon is used as an example). Disassemble the cigarette holder, atomizer canister, atomizer core, smoke tube, atomizer core bottom and other parts, put them in warm water for about 10 minutes, take them all out, wipe the water on each part with a towel and change You the water again.

2.Cleaning the cigarette holder, atomization chamber, smoke tube and atomizer base: Take the components out of warm water, hold the cotton balls with tweezers to soak in the cleaning solution, and wipe the surface of the components back to the marks on the components are cleaned and the smell of smoke on the cigarette holder disappears completely. Rinse off any remaining cleaning solution with water, and then wipe it clean. Be careful not to use too much force to prevent cotton from getting stuck in the threads. This will prevent the Amazon nozzles from being assembled tightly together.

3. Cleaning the atomization core: Clamp the oil guide rope to the atomization core with tweezers (not if there is no oil guide rope) and slowly pull out the oil guide rope. Pinch the cotton with tweezers and dip it in the cleaning solution. Go deep inside the atomizer core and electric heating wire, scrubbing gently until the surface traces disappear and there is no smoke oil or peculiar smell. Then rinse them off and dry them with plain water. Cotton is then used as the oil guide rope and tweezers are used to clamp the oil guide rope into the heating wire.

4. If there is an oil guide rope, Snail lookah must be washed once every half month and replaced once. Snail lookah needs to be washed and replaced whenever smoke oil is replaced with new flavor. If there is no snail lookah with an oil guide rope, the snail lookah only needs to be cleaned once a month.

5. After all parts have been cleaned and dried, assemble all parts completely. Turn on the power, dry the snail dry for a second to make an encounter, distribute all the water vapor in the parts, then add snail lookah smoke oil again. Too much water vapor on one side affects the taste.

Dealing with the diminishing atomization effect

1. Wash with water and warm water. Pour excess warm water into the snail lookah atomizer, vibrate gently for a minute or two, then pour out the water and blow-dry it with an electric blower. This method is very complicated, but it still retains the taste of snail lookah oil.

2. Vinegar, put the atomizer in plain water with vinegar and then stop boiling. After about ten minutes, rinse with clean water and blow dry. Cleaning the Amazon nebulizer jets water lines with vinegar is a good choice, and the effect is still good.

3. Cola: Soak the seahorse lookah tips atomizer in a cup of cola drink for 24 hours. When it’s finished, take it out, wash it with warm water, cold water, and boiled water, and blow-dry it first. This method is very complicated and the effect is not very ideal. Before that, the taste of tobacco oil was very strong.

4. Vodka, blow-dry the atomizer, pour in excess vodka, cover the mouth of the atomizer with your fingers and gently shake it for a minute or two before pouring it out. Then rinse with hot water and let dry. Remember, there is no need to blow dry, the taste of vodka must fade. This is a very easy way to go, but it’s also a relatively ineffective way that can basically get rid of the dirt and taste on the inside wall of the atomizer from seahorse lookah tips.

5. Inclined placement method: put a piece of paper towel on the table top, tilt the atomizer under it, and lay it down for 24 hours. The smoke liquid in the Seahorse lookah Pointed atomizers are gradually being phased out. Then rinse with warm water and blow dry first with an electric blower. This is also seen as a relatively ineffective method. Of course, if you think that the above methods are very complicated, then the most local way is to change the atomizer indirectly, which will save time and effort.

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