Can you work from home forever? Lots of people want

The pandemic has forever changed how and where we work. According to research by the PEW Research Center, 71% of people who had not worked remotely in the past worked from home for most of 2020. While they did experience some roadblocks along the way, working from home has proven relatively easy and profitable for most offices.

With the vaccine around, getting back to the office is one of the most talked about topics for a wide variety of people. While many workers get excited about this, especially parents who value office space to get their jobs done, some people don’t think a return to the office is necessary. 2020 has shown that remote working is possible and effective, allowing people to spend more time with their families than before.

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A survey conducted by Harvard Business School found that 81% of respondents who had worked from home in the past year preferred a hybrid model or continued to work from home.

“As we prepare to go back to business, it seems that professionals don’t want business as usual,” said Patrick Mullane, online executive director of Harvard Business School. “They want flexibility from their employers so they can maintain the new work-home balance and the productivity they enjoy.”

Despite the difficulty of adjusting to a work from home schedule and the fact that there are plenty of distractions, most people prefer a hybrid model that allows them to work in the office some days and other days work from home.

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One thing is certain: many changes in the workforce are coming.

“The big resignation is coming,” Anthony Klotz, associate professor of management at Texas A&M University, told Bloomberg. He explained that due to the uncertainty of the past year, many people stayed in their jobs despite being unhappy or wanting to do something else with their careers. He said there was a lot of uncertainty for both companies and employees.

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In the article “How to quit your job in the great post-pandemic boom, ”explains Bloomberg “Companies find out how to cultivate their cultures and employees. Many offer multiple options: Do you want to return for the full day? Remote work? In the office three days a week? Four days? Someday? It will be unclear whether these options are permanent, making it difficult for employees to decide whether to stay or leave. “

In the months ahead, many workers will weigh their options. Big changes are coming and employees will have some leverage on their businesses, giving them some breathing space and possibly adopting a hybrid model or the ability to work from home. The way companies adapt determines the happiness of their employees.

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