Can Royal Queen Seeds online seed finder find your ideal strain? We'll find out.

RQS can help you decide on a seed in just seven questions

Finding the ideal strain for growing cannabis at home can be one of the most intimidating aspects of starting a cannabis journey. pH value, light level, climate, indoors or outdoors – all these factors have a big influence on your decision, not to mention the most important thing: that smoking has to be fun.

This isn't just a problem for newbies. Experienced cannabis growers may also struggle to find an exciting new strain to grow, and some exciting strains they would love may slip under their radar, a missed connection that can cause growers to miss out on their potential new favorite. Searching for a strain can feel like endlessly scrolling through a streaming service, paralyzed by the overwhelming selection.


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Royal Queen Seeds, one of the most forward-thinking and innovative seed banks around, wants to help streamline the process and reduce analysis paralysis. They have developed an online seed finder tool to help growers search Royal Queen Seeds' vast library for the strain that best suits their needs and taste preferences, without the stress of careful research. No matter your situation, style or location, Royal Queen Seeds has a strain you'll be happy with, plus a few other fun options too.

That may all sound well and good, but what does it look like in practice? We asked one of our writers to use himself as a guinea pig and go through the Seedfinder process to see how Royal Queens' process works in real-world conditions. How did our intrepid author/breeder fare? Read on to find out or click the link below to go directly to Seedfinder!

Our author takes part in a pot quiz

Cannabis seedsImage courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

Autoflowering versus photodependent

When curious growers like our author access the Royal Queen Seeds seed finder, they must first decide whether they are looking for an autoflowering or photo-dependent strain. This is one of the most important decisions every grower must make, and it is incumbent on new breeders to examine the difference between these two categories of seeds to decide which best suits their needs.

Our author chose the autoflowering strains. While the increased crop yield of photo-dependent seeds was intriguing, our author instead opted for the unmatched speed and convenience of Royal Queen Seeds' premium autoflower strains. Although our author has considerable experience consuming cannabis, he is a relative newcomer to cultivation and appreciates the low maintenance that Royal Queen Seeds autoflower strains offer.

Where do you want to grow?

Cannabis seedsImage courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

Next, the handy Seedfinder tool asked our author about his living situation and whether he grew his weed indoors, outdoors, in a greenhouse or on a balcony. Our author lives in an apartment in a city in the Pacific Northwest where sunlight is a scarce and precious commodity. He had a dedicated corner of his apartment reserved for his growing supplies, but his windows face north and catch sunlight only at rare hours.

These types of limiting factors represent the type of situation that the RQS Seedfinder excels at solving; With just a simple, commercially available grow light and the right strain, our author is fully equipped to grow and harvest his cannabis, even in the dreary, long darkness of the PNW winter.


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How much space are you working with?

The next question is about how much space you have in your growing area and whether you prefer tall, large plants or more manageable sized cannabis. Experienced growers know that cannabis plants can look completely different after cultivation, with a height difference of up to 100cm between strains. This is due to the different phenotypic expressions of indicas, sativas and the countless hybrids.


Where is a better environment for growing cannabis: indoors or outdoors?

While tall and tall plants can yield more smokable cannabis per harvest, our author instead opted to make the most of his apartment's limited space with short and compact strains. Taller plants also require a little more resources to stay healthy, and our author has limited resources for potting soil. No preference for your crop? No worries. You don't have to answer this question if you are open to both tall and short plants.

Ideal growing period

Another important factor in finding your ideal seed variety is how much time you have once your plants begin to flower. It's largely up to a grower's personal preference as to whether they want to harvest their cannabis as quickly as possible or if they have time to burn. Our author is not going anywhere and is in no hurry; He decided to limit his search to varieties with a longer flowering period and focus on the long term.

Potency information

This is where things get even funnier, as the test shifts from focusing on the limiting factors of your cannabis seed options to the exciting details that growers dream about. To illustrate this change, Royal Queen Seeds' next question is simple: How strong do you want your weed?


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The stronger stuff is better for making edibles and concentrates, while cannabis with lower THC levels is the preference of many growers who prefer a milder high. As you would expect from a cannabis publication author, our author has an impressive THC tolerance, which is why he chose high THC strains for his cultivation.

Multiple selection

Cannabis seedsImage courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds

These next two questions are an important and unique part of the test; This is the only section where you can select multiple different answers. We'll get into the psychoactive aspects of cannabis use in a moment, so it's important to note that everyone experiences cannabis slightly differently. While a strain may produce a specific effect such as euphoria or hunger for most cannabis users, your individual success may vary.

Desired effects

The sixth question in the Seedfinder document addresses the effects you want to experience when you are finally able to consume cannabis. RQS has divided the vast field of cannabis effects into four broad categories; Physically relaxed, sublime, focused and psychedelic, which is what Royal Queen Seeds uses as a category for their intense strains intended for experienced consumers.


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Please note that the strains under the “Psychedelic” label do not produce hallucinogenic effects similar to those of LSD or magic mushrooms, although they will certainly get you quite high. Our author chose options B and D, Uplifting and Psychedelic Effects, following his personal preference for Sativa-like strains that hold nothing back.

What is your taste?

It's another joy to answer the final question before the big reveal. This time Royal Queen Seeds wants to know how you like your weed. This is the largest preference you will select and just like the previous question, this is also a multiple choice question.

Our author had the choice of sweet, earthy, sour and savory flavors, an excellent breakdown of the four broad categories of cannabis flavor. As an open-minded cannabis consumer, our author initially considered selecting all four options. However, a quick inventory of his favorite strains revealed that the Haze family selections predominated, so he decided to stick with what he knew and went with just the Sour tag.

And the winner is…

Cannabis seedsImage courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

After less than five minutes using Royal Queen Seeds' online seed finder tool, our author had the ideal strain for his growing conditions: Royal Haze Auto. Despite being the offspring of famous parents Amnesia Haze and Skunk, Royal Haze is no Nepo baby, and some would argue that the strain even rises above its known family tree.

Royal Haze Auto grows to about 2 to 3 feet tall and thrives in low-light environments, a highly manageable combination for our author's PNW block. Although Royal Haze isn't the strongest strain around, it has a respectable THC level, which is more than enough to keep our author feeling energized and focused once his plants are ready to harvest.

That's not all that the Royal Queen Seeds seed finder has to offer our author. Four additional knockout strains were proposed that met all of his selection criteria. If for some reason our author didn't like Royal Haze Auto, the seed finder also suggested autoflowering varieties of Pink Runtz, Royal Cheese, Amnesia Haze and Royal Jack. Although all of these varieties would excel in our author's growing area, they are all very different varieties, giving him the opportunity to make an informed decision about which variety (or varieties) to purchase.


Why you should grow F1 hybrids from Royal Queen Seeds

And that is the true value of the Royal Queen Seeds online seed finder; Not only does it give you a quick way to narrow down the many strain options, but it also teaches you to think like one of Royal Queen Seeds' expert breeders. The Seedfinder helps new growers figure out what factors are important when choosing their strains and what is just noise. The Seedfinder is also an invaluable tool for experienced growers looking to discover new favorites. Thanks to Royal Queen Seeds, you only need five minutes and an internet connection to find the new superstar strain for your grow. Take the quiz and discover your ideal strains today.

The online seed finder is just one of many reasons to visit the Royal Queen Seeds website. Not only can you browse their library of over 200 strains, but you can also browse their online headshop and purchase Royal Queen Seeds merchandise as well. They also have tons of online resources to help you take your growth to the next level. While you're there, be sure to follow Royal Queen Seeds on social media (Instagram, X, Facebook) to stay up to date with any new updates, like their collaboration with Mike Tyson and Tyson 2.0.

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