The best reasons for a good bong

Acceptance of marijuana has increased as the President spoke favorably about it in his State of the Union address, Missouri generated over $1 billion in sales, and over 85% of the population believes it should be legal in some form . However, if you are a cannabis newbie or an old hand, bongs can be an excellent experience. Here are the best reasons to get a good bong.

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Some people find bongs inconvenient and inappropriate for a college dorm room, but bongs are effective at controlling dosage and are a little gentler on your lungs than a joint thanks to the water filter. Technology has evolved over the years. Devices are now available that help keep your space clean, are more compact, and most importantly, make the most of your expensive stash.

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Keep a better eye on your dosage

When smoking weed, it is difficult to achieve a consistent dosage. When rolling a joint or blunt, they can be different sizes and contain different grams of weed. When packing a bong, there is always the same bowl, which ensures consistency and gives a better overview of how much you are smoking without having to count the number of hits you take.

A cleaner space

The easiest way to consume is with a vape or gummies, but a bong also has benefits. Smoking requires something to control ash, a strong smell, and generally a little more mess. A bong can be both attractive in the room and cleaner.

An easy way to clean a bong is to use rubbing alcohol and sea salt. Let it soak for a while and then shake it around. Rinse well, let dry and store until next time.

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Longer lasting marijuana

Bongs are more efficient when it comes to lengthening your weed. Because you consume so much smoke per puff, you tend to get high faster and in fewer puffs than if you smoke a joint or blunt.

Smoother Hit

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The water used in bongs ensures that hits are gentler and easier on the lungs, prevents irritation and filters out some of the ash produced during combustion. There is also no need to add tobacco or paper, both compounds that damage your lungs.

So by investing in a good bong you can stay old fashioned and have a great trip.

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