5 things making us optimistic about weed in early 2023

As we enter 2023, we are also entering a lot of uncertainty. The state of the world and its economy is on many minds, and it can be easy to get a little apprehensive about the New Year. But although these dim prospects for the future cause some uneasiness, many rays of light also penetrate these clouds.

While the start of 2023 hasn’t heralded the era of federal marijuana legalization as some had hoped, it has certainly begun with some glimmers of optimism. From red states legalizing adult-use marijuana to major ballot initiatives to growing support for legalized marijuana, there are all sorts of reasons for cannabis users to smile this year. Here are five things to look forward to as we look forward to 2023.

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New York officially opens doors to thriving weed industry

New York legalized marijuana last year, and now the state has opened the floodgates to allow recreational dispensary purchases, just like we did reported. In fact, New York is likely to become one of the top cannabis selling states very quickly.

In fact, Entourage Effect founder and CEO Matt Hawkins told The Fresh Toast, “New York has recently opened up its adult market and as the state is expected to become the second largest in terms of revenue (after California) . , the revenue it generates will support the broader growth of the industry in the years to come.” So this is exciting news for all cannabis enthusiasts, especially those living in the Northeast.

Florida’s Marijuana Ballot Initiative

Florida has a booming medical marijuana market, but a ballot initiative is attempting to transform the Sunshine State from a medical marijuana state to a recreational state. The balloting action will require gathering signatures and support from a majority of Floridas as a minimum of 891,589 signatures are required by early February 2024 ballot.

According to the ballot summarythe amendment allows “adults 21 years of age or older to possess, purchase, or use marijuana products and marijuana-related paraphernalia for non-medical personal use by smoking, ingestion, or otherwise.”

This proposed change is scheduled to take effect in 2024. But for that to happen, a lot of hard work needs to be done this year. So over the course of 2023, keep an eye on Florida for new developments as proponents push to make Florida another conservative-leaning state with liberal marijuana laws.

Recreational marijuana from Missouri Roll’s Out

Conservative-leaning Missouri is becoming the newest red state to sell recreational marijuana for adults. Pharmacies can open their doors as early as February 6, depending on how quickly facilities get approval.

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According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services website“Once licensed, comprehensive facilities will be permitted to sell marijuana to patient cardholders, primary caregiver cardholders, and adults over the age of 21.”

There are several steps in the process of adult use in Missouri, but by the end of 2023 the state will likely have a fully operational, legal adult-use marijuana market.

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Marijuana continues to gain mainstream support

Polls continue to show that Americans are becoming more warm to the idea of ​​legalized marijuana. In fact, some of the latest numbers show that nearly 90% of Americans believe marijuana should be available in some form.

After Pew Research“An overwhelming proportion of US adults (88%) either say that medical marijuana should be legal and Recreational use by adults (59%) or that it should only be legal for medical use (30%).” The same Pew Research article goes on to say that only one in ten respondents said they believe marijuana shouldn’t be legal.

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These numbers show that U.S. citizens have come a long way when it comes to mainstream thoughts about marijuana. As more states ease restrictions each year, marijuana use continues to normalize in many aspects of society.

Cannabis sales are looking relatively “recession-proof.”

Whispers of a recession have become more frequent, with many bracing for a possible economic downturn in 2023. But not all industries are likely to feel the effects of a recession equally. As we did before reportedMarijuana might not be completely recession-proof, but it’s highly resilient, and sales have continued to soar even during the pandemic.

Sales are still going strong lately. Kyle Shenfeld, president of Rainbow Realty Group, told The Fresh Toast, “Our customers have seen a steady increase in sales throughout the holiday season, and we expect continued growth into the new year.” So while tough economic times lie ahead, marijuana sales are likely to be for now stay strong.

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