4 New Weed Products To Try From LOKI, Vessel, And Others

With so many great cannabis brands releasing exciting new products in new markets, it can be difficult to keep track of every release. So we summarize some important publications. This week we’re looking at releases from The Clear, El Blunto, and Mohave, as well as a recycling start from Vessel.

El Blunto x Mohave: Special Edition Diamond-Infused Preroll

El Blunto has partnered with Mohave Cannabis Co to bring out a special edition filled with raw, terpene-rich cannabis diamonds. Hand-rolled and cured by El Blunto for 72 hours, these Super Stoney Blunts contain two full grams of Mohave’s premium Kush Cake flower and raw Kush Cake diamonds.

Available: California

The Clear Concentrates: TWAX version

TWAX (shown in the article above), the new and extremely effective preroll from The Clear, consists of 1.25 grams of flowers and contains 200 milligrams of distillate – so nothing to make fun of. This entire THC bomb is also rolled with unbleached paper for a smooth and dye-free session.

Available: AZ, CO, CA, WA, MI, OK and NV

LOKI: Introduction of an improved seltzer infused with Delta-8

Delta-8 is a hemp by-product that is reportedly more relaxing and less intoxicating than its THC counterpart – and it’s legal when it’s below 0.3% THC. If you’ve tried Delta-8 before or are looking for an alternative to alcohol, now may be the time when LOKI recently launched improved seltzer water. These no sugar and no hemp cans might be the answer to a bland, alcohol-free afternoon.

Available: Nationwide

Dad Grass: Mom Grass CBG Joints

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and Dad Grass has just the right thing for the hemp-loving mums out there: Mom Grass. Mom Grass Joints – available in packs of 5 and 2 – are a calming blend of organic CBG flowers. Light one up with your mom for a relaxing Sunday.

Available: Nationwide

Schiff: New partnership with GAIACA Waste Revitalization

Vessel recently teamed up with GAIACA, an environmentally conscious company focused on cannabis waste solutions, to reduce the carbon footprint of battery disposal.

With GAIACA, marine batteries can now be disposed of in a more environmentally friendly way through monthly collections of vape pen batteries. Simply hand in your vape pen to participating pharmacies to recycle it through a multi-stage high-temperature and high-pressure process in which the batteries are broken down into their components. These materials are collected and sold for reuse.

Available: California

Selected image courtesy of Grasslands.

Hannah is a Seattle-based writer and editor. She worked in the cannabis industry for three years and continues to learn and research.

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