Seahorse Pro Dip Wax Pen for sale

Fifth Ave Green House’s new swab, the Seahorse Pro, tops 100,000 sales in the first two months.

Fifth Ave Green House Glass, one of the fastest growing Glass water bong and dab rig companies launched the Seahorse Pro in June 2020. This was her second dab pen; However, after the success of its predecessor, expectations were high.

The Seahorse Pro was a highly anticipated new product Dab the wax stick. It is based on the award-winning success of the Seahorse original and offers additional functions.

“Sales in June and July were over 100,000 which is fantastic news. We were concerned about the current economic climate that sales could collapse, but if anything, they were bigger than expected,” said Marketing Manager J Mash. “The Fifth Ave Green House brand has long been synonymous with high-quality glass bongs and water pipes, but is relatively new to CBD Vaping Market.”

It seems that with the increased leisure time that COVID-19 has brought us and the fact that we have less time to hang around, dabbers have embraced this new product to help overcome the long blackout.

In September 2019 the first seahorse Dab the pen won the Best Utensil award at the UK CBD Expo. If the sale of this new swab pen from Fifth Ave Green House is not yet complete, another award is in store with the second generation Seahorse Pro.

“Winning the best paraphernalia award at the show last year showed that all the hard work has paid off. Fifth Ave Green House is determined to develop cannabis products that offer consumers great alternatives. It is a crucial time for the industry When it grows and we want to help lead the way, “Conclusion J Mash.

About Fifth Ave Green House

Fifth Ave Green House Glass has been producing high quality glass water pipes, bongs and swabs for more than 15 years. It recently moved into electronic nectar collectors and Evaporator for oil, wax and dry cabbage.

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