Why should you put an indoor tent outdoors?

We all agree that growing cannabis indoors with artificial light, ventilation, and a host of other hidden costs can be quite costly.

The main cost drivers within a growth process are lighting and temperature control. One of the main reasons breeders tend to grow indoors is because of the anti-cannabis laws.

Due to the high prevalence of indoor growing, the overall cannabis industry has become quite inefficient in terms of energy use.

But with rapidly changing laws, old technologies emerge in new skins!

The Outdoor Grow Hut

Believe it or not, the Grow Hut is patent pending. The Outdoor Grow Hut is essentially an indoor grow tent – but outdoors.

I know – not the most inventive of the inventions, but still functional.

The grow hut is essentially a space that you can assemble outdoors with a mesh that hides the plant while allowing sunlight to pass through. In other words, a portable greenhouse.

The difference is that this greenhouse is aimed directly at growing cannabis. Buying it from the website will provide you with a couple of seeds for good measure.

It’s not a bad deal when you are thinking of buying an all-in-one solution for your growing outdoor needs. This particular product comes with everything you need to grow your own crop outdoors, making it easy for first-time growers.

I’m not sure if it could be “patentable”, but I’m sure it has some unique design aspects that could likely allow it to be given proprietary protection.

Nonetheless, such solutions should be considered for the home builder who does not want to significantly increase their electricity bills with an indoor grower.

According to the manufacturer, the Grow Hut can help plants withstand extreme weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold.

Why growing outdoors is the way to go

Personally, I would like to have a hybrid option. For example, I like to keep a mother plant inside and just take it out under different CFL lights.

However, when it comes to flowering, I like to use the sun. It’s just the most powerful light source we have available for free!

I know some of you are scared of breaking and in those cases building your own outdoor grow chamber can help reduce the risks. You’d need to grow some other plants for cover too – but if you’re careful you can always grow between 3-6 plants under the radar.

The reason I’m such a strong advocate of growing outdoors is because it’s so easy and effective. Depending on how “pro” you want to get, you can cut out buds for pennies per gram.

If you are growing outdoors, there is no longer a need for powerful light. Building an outdoor grow house can also help minimize the risk of pests and other undesirable things.

After all – and this is likely a personal observation – the flavor profile of the soil growth is simply better.

I know there are some people who argue with passion when they say hydropower is better, but when it comes to cost, failure rate, and end product – outdoor growing beats indoor growing with no competition.

The basics of building a grow chamber

I once built a makeshift greenhouse out of PVC pipes and white mesh that I bought from Home Depot. I’m essentially making a huge cube structure with the PVC pipes and attaching it with a couple of cross beams (also made of PVC).

Then I covered the whole thing with a white net that formed a kind of cube. The wind passed through the net easily and there was enough net to make it difficult to see what type of plants I was growing.

You can also plant some other plants around the edges as an extra smoke screen.

In the middle, I grew six weed plants, each in their own pots, and found that the structure can be easily adjusted for outdoor scrogging – which is exactly what I did.

To get in and out of the cube, I simply cut off the net and then place a Velcro on the edges to create a temporary and securable entrance.

Of course, unlike the Grow Hut – it didn’t have padlocks, but I wasn’t afraid of someone mopping my grass – I have a dog that looks like a bear.

This structure worked perfectly.

Here is a more complex version of what I just described. There is no need to replicate this version – you can if you want – but more importantly, as you learn the basic principles, you can change it to your own liking.

Essentially, you build the frame out of PVC and cover it with a clear, breathable mesh. The wind should be able to get through easily.

The nice thing about this setup is that even when it rains heavily, the net turns the downpour into fog and your plants can grow without drowning. It is also far more difficult for pests to get to your plants.

It’s not impossible – just more difficult.

Buy or build – but grow outside

If you can’t, you can’t and that’s okay. However, if there is an opportunity to move your cannabis growing activities outside, you will see a drastic change in production costs and a better flavor profile in the weeds.

Perhaps the micronutrients in the soil help make terpene production more robust, or perhaps the sun’s rays have other properties that only make the plant taste richer.

Regardless, if more locations allow for home growing, it is worth considering an outdoor solution. Not only is it good for your bag, it’s also good for the environment.

If you’re concerned about cannabis thieves or even annoying neighbors, building the entire grow house and then planting “decoys” to keep people off your trail will help.

If you are worried about the stink – 6 plants didn’t really stink the space in an outdoor setting. You can get a whiff every now and then.

In these cases, plant some aromatic plants as a smoke screen.

Growing outdoors is just easier and cheaper in my books. If you have the opportunity to conduct your operation outdoors, I strongly recommend that you do it.







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