Yuck, that weed dispensary did something

Since legalization, cannabis has been booming across the country and more and more people are adopting its use. And not just the younger generations, but boomers too have found all sorts of medical and other benefits. Pharmacies have done well, and Missouri has done very well, with sales reaching a billion in 2023. But with the former administration and the slow Biden team, there's room for a few bad apples in the barrel. And yuck, that weed dispensary did something – something you won't believe!

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In November 2022, 67.2% of Maryland voters approved recreational marijuana, and it went into effect on July 1, 2023. There are currently over 100 marijuana dispensaries in the state licensed by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Administration (MCA) to sell cannabis to eligible patients and eligible adult consumers. Most pharmacies are mom and pop retailers that do their best and do what is best for the customer. Except one.

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Curio's Far & Dotter dispensary in Timonium has decided not to give in to the cool, relaxed and good vibes of traditional cannabis culture. They focused on making a profit and went a little overboard. It appears that the pharmacy team dumped 224 grams of cannabis into a dumpster outside the pharmacy, where it sat unattended for 41 hours and nine minutes.

What happened next was captured on a surveillance camera. Three pharmacy employees removed four boxes of the prepackaged product from the dumpster. Another employee then repackaged the marijuana by removing it from its original boxes and placing it in plastic bags before storing it in a safe.

An employee told an MCA investigator that the cannabis had to be put in the plastic bags because the original packaging was covered in a liquid substance from the dumpster

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Not wanting to lose the profit, management sold the product for total sales of $3,174.50. This violated the recommendation to destroy the product as it violates several compliance requirements.

The company was fined $26,000 and ordered to submit its green waste logs for monthly review by the MCA, submit its scale calibration and cleaning logs for monthly review, and retrain staff on green waste procedures. The manager we fired.

In an email to the Baltimore Banner, a spokesperson for Curio said the company prides itself on its relationships with its customers and employees.

“The above product was in sealed jars and sealed boxes, and it is undisputed that no external material ever broke through the jars or touched the product,” the statement said.

Curio also said they had conducted an internal investigation and that failure to meet security and compliance requirements “will not be taken lightly nor tolerated.”

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