How to dry out wet grass

As with cheese, truffles, and aged beef, the process of preparing marijuana for use is crucial… and has a lot to do with the journey. Whether for recreational use or medicinal purposes, it is a step that enriches the plant. But sometimes things happen: it accidentally gets wet, or when you bring it home after buying it, it feels damp. Luckily, here's how to dry wet weed and ensure the THC content and usage are intact.

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Before drying your cannabis, make sure you don't confuse extremely sticky buds with too much moisture. The sticky eczema is probably perfectly cured, it naturally sticks to your fingers and feels suspiciously moist. But as long as it doesn't squash under light pressure, leave the glue alone.

Photo by Panos Sakalakis via Unsplash

If it's just a little too humid, putting the buds in a paper bag and then sealing it for a few hours might help. If they are a little wetter, change the paper bag about every 8 hours by opening and closing it until it is to your liking.

Now, when the grass has actually just been harvested, the colors are very vibrant and the plant feels extremely moist from the inside out. If you've broken off a thoroughly wet bud, it's time to tackle your own remedy. Place the ripe nuggets in jars as described above and open and close the jars regularly.

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Depending on how wet the grass was, this process could take more than a day and more like a week or so. The smaller popcorn buds dry more quickly and therefore can be picked for smoking before the real fleshy buds have properly dried and cured.

In fact, genetics and care during cultivation play an important role in high-quality cannabis, but if you don't have a suitable remedy, there will be no showtime for your buds. A perfect cure means lightly ground, evenly smoked, delicious terpene-packed cannabis that shows the hard work the breeders and growers have put into it.

This shouldn't happen if you bought it from a reputable pharmacy. So be aware that you probably didn't get what you paid for as wet grass is heavier.

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