Why golfers master CBD

Things are gearing up for the Masters, PGA and LIV are going well, and CBD is quietly helping golfers – wait – what was the third thing?

After a bitter battle, Saudi-backed LIV Golf and the Professional Golf Tournament (PGA) appear to be on good terms and everyone seems ready to be civil at the upcoming Masters tournament. The PGA Tour agreed to merge with LIV Golf in June 2023, ending ongoing litigation and allowing the competition to operate as a larger operation. The two parties agreed to combine the commercial operations and rights of LIV Golf and PGA Tour into a new, unnamed, for-profit company. But the devil is in the details and not everything is clear yet. Despite the uncertainty, even casual golfers are preparing to watch the annual Masters in Georgia to see both sides make nice.

In golf, the Masters is one of the most watched tournaments, but what you won't see is the answer to why golfers master CBD. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson strongly recommended consuming CBD-infused gum at tournaments, including the Masters. Greg Norman, Bubba Watson and Lucas Glover have all openly revealed that they regularly use CBD oil to take their game to the next level. So why did they choose this cannabis-derived CBD oil? Quite simply, it helps them play and recover better, faster.

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Although CBD comes from the cannabis plant, it does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that produces a high. This is the main reason it is sold in mainstream retailers like Walmart and Amazon. It is scientifically proven to have medical benefits and help with anxiety, inflammation and more.

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A key benefit of CBD for golfers is that it helps calm the nerves and anxiety that arise while playing. It is a one-on-one game where you compete against yourself and others under observation. A person's mental state plays a key role in any sport. Therefore, the greatest possible composure always contributes to improving performance.

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In addition, the game requires a significant amount of muscle, and this occurs repeatedly for 1-3 days during tournaments. CBD can help with tiredness, tiredness and muscle pain. Additionally, it can help a golfer recover faster so they can play round after round, day after day. Whether you're sore from the day before or fighting the sluggishness that comes with age, it can gently relax and relieve many body problems.

As with cannabis, more research needs to be done and you may want to experiment with dosage. If you play golf regularly, this could be another helper on the course.

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