Which state has the cheapest marijuana?

Who doesn't love a good bargain? Or bragging about a good deal…well, here are the best deals on weed

Everyone loves a good bargain! Whether it's real estate or eggs, most people look at prices and compare them. A third of people say they are the best bargain hunter they know (34%). Additionally, 87% say saving habits will stay with them forever. In fact, the base price is 99. 95, or . 98 is a psychological pricing strategy to make products appear cheaper than they are. This is based on the theory that consumers are more likely to perceive an item priced at $4.99 as significantly cheaper than an item priced at $5.00, even if the difference is just a cent. So which states have the cheapest marijuana and gas?

One of the top bargains is finding cheap gas…Costco is a winner. Gas prices are very complex and a global market. And there is always a profit motive. A study found that gas prices fall twice as slowly as they rise following a big change in oil prices. That means, for example, if it took four weeks for gasoline prices per gallon to rise by 25 cents, it would take eight weeks for them to fall by 25 cents once oil prices returned to their baseline levels. With this information, here are the five best gas stations at the best price.

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  • Oklahoma. $2.59
  • Arkansas. $2.63
  • Missouri $2.63
  • Mississippi $2.66
  • Wisconsin $2.67

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When it comes to marijuana, things are a little tricky. Legal sales in New York City occur primarily through a black market. They have over 1,500 unlicensed pharmacies that sell products at an additional cost. BDSA, one of the leading data analysts, shared information on where consumers can buy legal weed cheapest.

It's no surprise that market forces are pushing New Jersey and New York with all the weed available on the black market. And some states impose high taxes on products, which always drives up the price.

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Here is the list!

  • New Jersey $17.9
  • New York $15.5
  • Missouri $13.5
  • Maryland $13.3
  • Illinois $12.7
  • Florida $11.1
  • Pennsylvania. $11.0
  • California $10.4
  • Massachusetts $9.8
  • Ohio $9.7
  • Nevada $9.2
  • Oregon $7.1
  • Colorado $7.0
  • Arizona $6.9
  • Michigan $5.4

Price doesn't always mean the best – it means a bargain. In the alcohol world, the most popular beers are in the lower mid-price segment and feel like they taste good. This includes top positions coronajoint second bud lightand fourth-place Budweiser. So find your favorite and enjoy!

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