Which NFL team fan base smokes the most weed? (Hint, no, it’s not the Denver Broncos)

Which NFL fan base admits to smoking the most weed?

A recent poll of nearly 1,700 NFL fans conducted by betting website Lines.com asked which fans were most drunk or most drunk for their teams’ game.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with states that have legalized recreational marijuana if you bring together the highest scoring fans. There may also be some bias as some fan bases may have exaggerated their responses in order to “win” the poll and be the drunk or most drunk fan base.

While the obvious choices may have been the usual suspects like the Broncos in Denver, the Rams in Los Angeles, and the Seahawks in Seattle. As a surprise, the Atlanta Falcons claimed the credit not only as the drunkest fans of the day, but also as the highest on marijuana. While Georgia isn’t exactly a center of the pot, Atlanta has a huge illegal market that was recently highlighted with some high profile busts.

Somewhat surprisingly, the New England Patriots were the last to die of alcohol or cannabis poisoning on match day. While Massachusetts has legal cannabis, the soccer game doesn’t seem like the time or place to start. Also at the bottom are the Dallas Cowboys, while bourbon may flow, cannabis is not a favorite of cowboy fans living in a very strict marijuana state, even on the medicinal side.

Baltimore and Jacksonville are neck to neck with Atlanta being the most cannabis-friendly at kickoff. Florida is a major state that is online heavily in the medical marijuana arena, with free time drawing voter attention. Maryland isn’t legal for cannabis, and Raven’s fans seem to enjoy removing their bong before a big game.

Here are the following results….

Poll of NFL fans on weeds and marijuana






Should the NFL worry about their players using marijuana?

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