What to look for in Quality Weed

When people talk about their favorite types of weed, it’s not uncommon for the discussions to focus on how high they got or how much THC or CBD was in the strain or product they consumed.

But in the weed world, the truth is that quality marijuana is so much more than its potency or how stoned you get. Cannabis contains hundreds of other compounds that play important roles in the overall quality of your experience. Consumers should also keep in mind that potency or THC / CBD levels do not result in quality. You can come across strains with up to 30% THC, but do you really need all that THC? Remember, high levels of THC are linked to paranoia and anxiety.

You may even have an even more enjoyable experience with a strain tested for 15% THC but rich in other terpenes and cannabinoids.

It can be overwhelming to visit a pharmacy for the first time, but with a little research and thought about the type of experience you’re looking for, finding the right cannabis products will be a lot easier.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing high quality weeds:

Physical Properties: If, despite the ongoing pandemic, you can still go to pharmacies to physically examine the cannabis, great! Most people prefer the ability to smell the flower before packing it, as this is an excellent way to tell if it has a pronounced terpene profile. You can also stick to the general rule that the hotter the terpenes, the more concentrated they are.

Also, look for trichomes; They are sparkling or white and should be placed over the buds as much as possible. The appearance of trichomes can vary; Ideally, you are looking for milky white trichomes, but if they are brown or amber, the cannabis was not harvested at the right time. When you have ripe trichomes, you can consume cannabis during its highest maturity.

You should also pay attention to the smell of mold; Poor quality weeds smell like mold, powdery mildew, or must. While there are a ton of fat smelling strains out there, having a funky smell doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad too. Over time, at some point, your nose will get used to recognizing the weed smell that suits your preferences.

Shipping method: While smoking cannabis was the most popular for taking medication or getting high, today you can already choose from 5 ways to take it. Smoke or vaporize the flower, eat edibles or drink infused beverages, concentrates, sublinguals, and subjects. Reputable pharmacies usually stock a wide variety of products in each delivery method as consumers have their own preferred route of administration based on their specific needs.

In addition, each method of administration releases a large number of molecules into your bloodstream, so these different effect profiles have different effects on each person. For example, if you need localized pain relief for a non-THC sprain, topical issues are the way to go. If you’re looking for a discreet way to manage your anxiety or panic attacks, go for food or CBD vapes.

Your Büdget: You don’t have to spend on premium cannabis to get a quality experience. Remember that the stronger the product, the higher the cost of cannabis. However, the price is also affected by the brand and quantity you buy. Rates also vary by state because of the need to take into account regional and local taxes, as well as market demand.

State laws also put a maximum amount on how much cannabis you can buy on each trip. For these reasons, it is recommended that you consult with the budget tender at the pharmacy about the best strains or products to buy within your specific budget and personal preference or medical needs. When you are at the stage of experimentation, remember that you can always start small and then gradually increase your dose. Because of this, there is no real reason why you should buy more than a few grams at a time as you are still not sure if you will like it. This rule should also apply when experimenting with other forms of consumption such as concentrates, sublinguals, etc.

Look for laboratory results and don’t rely on strain names: Sure, there are many popular cannabis strains such as Blue Dream and Trainwreck. However, with all of the breeding that has been practiced over the past few decades, the strains can be extremely inconsistent. If you’re looking for specific effects like relaxation or energy boosting properties, look for buds or products with lab test results.

These laboratory tests can prove that certain products have the desired effects. The effects can have an impact on the mental and physical effects that you will have. You should therefore communicate these requirements precisely to your budget tender.

Equipment: While the route of administration you choose matters, the utensils and accessories you use also matter. There are tons of papers, glass pipes, bongs and much more. Glass pipes are an easy way to start smoking buds. You can also choose from roll papers, which come in all different sizes, brands, flavors, and more. Using quality accessories will improve your experience, even if you are not smoking top notch cannabis.

Last but not least, you can communicate openly with your budget tender. Ask as many questions as you want (although getting your homework done ahead of time is also helpful, of course). In most cases, budtenders are trained professionals whose job it is to select products that work for you. Newbies to marijuana are advised to stick out with a budtender first to see if what they recommend suits your own tastes.







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