Vegas rings in the New Year with weddings, weed and WOW

Las Vegas is always involved and always finds a way to entertain and engage visitors. Will this year be bigger and better?

The old motto of Las Vegas was “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but when has the city been more discreet? Sin City always seems to be bigger, better and flashier. Gone are the days of $9.99 buffets and welcome to the world of excess and excitement. Home to three Tiffany & Cos, four Gucci, eight Louis Vuittons and three Hermes stores in less than 2 square miles, Vegas knows money. This year it looks like Vegas is winning in the new year with weddings, weed and WOW.

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This year, on December 31, 2023, the date's repeating 1-2-3 pattern makes it a popular choice for couples looking to make their wedding extra memorable. This year's specialty date happens to fall on a holiday known for its celebrations, making it even more appealing. And couples respond.

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Melody Willis-Williams, president of Vegas Weddings, which operates multiple wedding venues, shared, “Anytime you do these special dates, they are always very popular. But combine that with New Year's Eve and it's a real eye-catcher.” The record of 4,492 marriages in Las Vegas was set on July 7, 2007. The day of the “lucky sevens”.

Of course, Vegas has always had iconic locations – from the Golden Steer Las Vegas, where huge steaks and lobsters are served, to the kitschy Vegas sign and the Bellagio fountain shows… Vegas gives you a reason to keep coming back. The Spheres are the current showstopper. Social media is just as awestruck as the $2 billion arena, whose exterior has been transformed by the Rocketttes into a Christmas decoration that has captivated locals and the online community. And this is the first full year of excitement and action, music and wonder. Look for Phish, U-2 and, rumored, Harry Styles to be part of their lineup.

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One of the country's most popular dispensaries, Planet 13 on the Las Vegas Strip, will make a splash when Cannabition opens in an adjacent space. The immersive, Instagrammable experience, designed to entertain and educate, is delighting the cannabis community.

And after its first race, the Las Vegas Grand Prix will return in 2024! After 2023, Vegas companies are looking forward to the return and another unique attraction in Sin City.

Whether ring, breed, ribs or weed…Vegas has a promising 2024.

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