Take a break from alcohol with a gummy bear

The holidays last until January 2nd, when everyone has regrets and promises. New Year's resolutions are dutifully made and efforts are made to lead a better and healthier life. But what about the last part of the season? Maybe taking a break from alcohol with a gummy bear can help you and your body feel better.

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During the holidays, people drink to celebrate, relax, and escape the stress and tension that comes with being with family. This tends to make alcohol a staple during the holiday season. But it can be counterproductive for the feel-good atmosphere. Surveys suggest that alcohol consumption increases in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's. For some people it's even double what they drink the rest of the year. With eggnog, adult cider, punch, and celebratory glasses of sparkling wine, it's easy for extra alcohol to creep into your daily routine. It begins the day before Thanksgiving with Blackout Wednesday.

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Drinking alcohol can lead to increased stomach acid levels. This can cause inflammation of the stomach lining, causing irritation and bloating that can last for a few days. In addition, alcohol is considered a sedative and has a direct effect on the central nervous system. Once alcohol enters the bloodstream, it circulates to the brain, where it slows the firing of neurons. When neuron firing decreases normally, it can lead to fatigue and sleepiness. Alcohol can also affect sleep, while gummy bears can help you sleep better. This can help your body recover faster after a few days.

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Traditionally, when people think of using cannabis, they think of smoking. But the new wave of consumers since legalization are leaning toward vapes and gummies. In fact, almost 50% of consumption comes from gummy bears. Gummy candies offer benefits and control. Control allows you to control the dosage and relax a little without “partying” too much. Gummy candies also don't have the same physical effect on your stomach, which is a benefit and gives your tummy time to recover.

So taking a break from alcohol with a gummy bear can be good for your body and mind.

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