Vaping Products Mail Ban Postponed?

As MJ BIZ reports today, the USPS is postponing enforcement of the mailing ban on vaping products to allow more time to study the new law. Vaping is one of the most preferred ways to consume cannabis. Especially if the user does not want to feel the scorching and drying effect in the mouth and throat when the pot is smoked.

For patients with chronic illnesses, vape pens are the ideal means of providing quick pain relief without the risk of pneumonia or worsening of their symptoms.

There are many risk factors associated with the traditional method of combining flames and flowers, smoking. Steam, on the other hand, heats the system – no combustion.

It’s a shame the government decided to ban vape mail. In late December 2021, Congress closed in style on a vape mail ban when it passed the Consolidated Funds Act of 2021.

They called it “Preventing E-Cigarette Selling To Children Online”.

It was unexpected.

This new law only classifies e-cigarette sales online under the same restrictions that apply to cigarettes and tobacco products.

The government got wind of how underage teens buy e-cigarettes online. While we can all agree that we don’t want kids vaping, we can also argue that the government could have used other avenues to keep these products out of their hands. The added vape mail ban may not go a long way.

This law prevents the United States Postal Service (USPS) and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) from delivering or shipping cigarettes to all customers, regardless of the customer’s age.

This affects not only children but also adults who use these e-cigarettes for either recreational or medicinal purposes.

The nude is comfortably wide and voluminous.

It affects a lot of people. Some say the problem with this act is the wording.

The law classifies all electronic devices – which, when inhaled from the device, give the user taste, nicotine or other substances via an aerosol solution – under ENDS.

The actions seem too vague. Several devices do this. From vapes to wax devices. Aromatherapy products can also be in this form.

With the way the bill is phrased, every component of this electricity device falls under the ACT.

At the beginning of summer, this new regulation will take effect in the cannabis industry. Some businesses could collapse as it will hurt legitimate businesses in the industry to sell.

Congress likely included the text in this bill because the Senators knew there would be a lot of public outrage if it were passed separately. At the end of December, the media focused on other things, they missed that bill.

Oddly enough, the new regulation didn’t list marijuana on any of its pages, but with the way it is worded, the marijuana industry has to be ready to abide by the new law.

Everyone in the industry who sells vape pens and their other products is affected by this law.

Put simply, this new regime could ruin many companies, leaving their employees unemployed or with reduced wages.

Postal services such as FedEx and UPS have accepted the regulations and stopped shipping ENDS products within or outside of the United States of America.

The vaping market is facing a technical crisis as all vaping devices are classified as nicotine products.

All vape manufacturers and distributors must follow the guidelines outlined in the Preventing the Cigarette Trade Act.

Some of these guidelines include:

  • All vaping companies must register with the Attorney General’s Office.

  • The age of all customers must be determined.

  • All accumulated taxes are to be paid to the correct channels.

  • Proper documentation of business expenses.

  • If a buyer violates the PACT law, this must be recorded in detail.

  • Severe penalties for defaulting companies. Including time in jail.

The consequences of this ban are:

An increase in black market products

Once customers are unable to source their vaping products through the legal channels, they will be forced to find sources on the black market.

The black market should not exist in any industry, but this law would create the full black market for vaping products.

Price increase for vaping products

With that bill, there would be a shortage of high quality vaping products on the market. So there will be a rise in prices – as this is the next answer when the demand in an industry is higher than the supply

Medical patients have no access to their medicine

Here they either have to risk their already declining health by using inferior products, or they go without them.

The market will also be flooded with products from the black market, no one will be able to tell which brands are trustworthy. It’s risky.

The systematic collapse of the legal vaping industry

The nicotine vapor industry is attacked by this act. And it could get into the cannabis vaping industry.

However, by all signs, some companies could go under while the rest will incur higher operating costs.

The president of 02VAPE, Dana E., emphasized in a statement that the bill disguises its customers as tobacco-driven nicotine addicts. She also stated that this bill would destroy many livelihoods and businesses. The consequences could be worse than the effects of the 2020 pandemic.

  • All stationary nicotine establishments must acquire a license for tobacco products.

  • Shipping by private organizations.

  • Increase your customer’s shipping costs to prevent your business from paying the full cost.

Because these companies are struggling to deliver to their customers over the next few months, consider buying any baked products you might need now. With the months it would be more difficult and expensive.

Steps are also being taken to appeal the law and persuade Congress to change the text to remove personal vaporizers for non-nicotine use. All entrepreneurs in the vaping community form a coalition.

The next few months may be promising, but we’ll see how it goes.



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