Many people gave up this daily hygiene routine during the pandemic

The pandemic has rearranged many of our priorities and led us to ask ourselves many personal questions: Do we really need to get dressed to work from home? Will we ever wear pants again? There are no wrong answers. This year has been one where daily life has been shaken and it’s okay. However, a mainstay of our regular hygiene routines is being challenged.

A UK poll shows that people really let the ball drop with their grooming habits. Per YouGov: “Showering is generally no longer possible, one in six (17%) does so less often, but one in ten (10%) states that they actually shower more often. Younger people, ages 18 to 24, are most likely to skip showers at 27%. “

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While we grew up in a culture of showering every day, there isn’t much to do when people spend most of their time alternating between sitting in their home office and sitting on the couch. It is common for us to feel disoriented and not know if we have brushed our teeth or showered since the patterns of our daily life – – commute and work – – have been removed from the equation.

A Guardian reader said, “I started brushing my teeth once a day on most days instead of two. I definitely use less deodorant. I bathe less than three times a week. I take care of both my hand hygiene and my genital hygiene, but I’ve kind of given up on the rest. “

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This problem is not just restricted to the UK. The New York Times reports that people in America are also following this trend. “Don’t get me wrong – I like showering,” said Robin Harper, an administrative assistant at a preschool. “But it’s an off my plate thing. I’m a mom, I work full time and it’s one less thing to do. “

While the showers are nice and keep us from stinking – a major priority – there are worse things in the world than skipping a shower every day. As long as you stay healthy and are a welcome presence for your family or roommate, skip these. Who is following the overview?

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