Treat yourself to this 420 with Liquid Live Resin from Cresco

For Cresco Cannabis it’s always 4:20 when you have one of the best oils out there.

Shop below for deals on Liquid Live Resin in some of our favorite brands.

Liquid living resin

Liquid living resinCourtesy of Cresco

Get to know Liquid Live Resin, or what Cresco calls LLR. This is not just any old resin; Cresco’s Liquid Live Resin is 100% pure cannabis made from a single variety of freshly frozen flowers. Nothing is added or taken away, so you get one of the purest extracts on the market. Not only are they pure, one-sided oils, but they are also available in sativa, hybrid, and indica strains that cover all kinds of experiences you want.

Popular Contra Costa pharmacy, CoCo Farms, has a sale for Cresco LLR this 420. Buy two 500MG LLR carts, get a 1G LLR cart for only $ 0.01!

Click below to find your nearest Cresco Liquid Live Resin pharmacy.

Rise Sativa Strains: Cherry AK

Liquid living resinCourtesy of Cresco

Rise Sativa strains help you stay focused and spicy while maintaining a classic cannabis experience – perfect for those who like to get up and go. The Cherry AK Sativa LLR will get your day into full swing. This tribe does not apologize: Sharp cherry and wood aromas precede a rapid onset of uplift and euphoria.

These 420 Skunkmasters in Port Hueneme have a sale on Cresco LLR. You can get two 500MG Cresco LLR carts for $ 40 or two 1G Cresco LLR carts for $ 60! To find 420 deals near you for Cresco LLR, shop below!

Update Hybrid Strains: LA Wedding Pop

Liquid living resinCourtesy of Cresco

Refresh Hybrid strains are a combination of Sativa and Indica for a refreshing experience ideal for topping up at lunchtime. Cresco’s popular LA Wedding Pop hybrid wagon is a sativa and indica hybrid that will pick me up just enough without causing a break-in. The earthy, light spruce and citrus notes offer a breath of fresh air that is the perfect choice for an afternoon full of serenity, clarity, concentration and relaxation.

If you are in San Diego you are in luck! This 420, Cresco LLR is available from the SRDC pharmacy. To find Cresco LLR near you, shop below.

Rest Indica strains: Honey Boo

Liquid living resinCourtesy of Cresco

Rest indica strains are great for calming down after a long day for an enjoyable cannabis experience – ideal for those who like to put their feet up. Cresco’s Honey Boo Indica LLR cart is 80% DNA genetics. Honey Boo is a limited variety with a sweet taste that partly gives this variety its name.

Modesto pharmacy PCF is selling this 420 on Cresco LLR to celebrate the holidays. To find Cresco LLR listings near you, shop below.

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