The Sunset Blue cannabis strain

After a stressful or troubled day, the first agenda on your mind is to relax and release tension all over your body. Thankfully, the sunset blue is one of the best cannabis options for that. It gives you an “out” of all the stresses of the day.

The Sunset Blue strain is a great alternative to a breath of fresh air after being penned indoors for a whole day or week.

Read on to find out all about this mysterious strain of marijuana. From the source to the composition to the amazing effects.

The mild and strongly scented variety Sunset Blue is a hybrid cross between Sunset Sherbet and Blue City Diesel. Because of its inherited genetic traits, it has achieved prime status in the various pharmacies that sell it.

Brief information about the parent strains

Both parent strains are still in high demand for their unique properties and induced effects. They were also used to develop several buzz-inducing strains that are selling relatively well in the cannabis market.

Blue City Diesel

This is a popular indica-dominant marijuana plant. It was developed by crossing blueberry variety with NYC diesel variety … Its light berry scent, which is fast acting, appealing and very soft, can be attributed to its blueberry genetics.

It also has a berry-like taste that is delicious.

In terms of looks, the Blue City Diesel variety has a tight bud structure. Its trichome appears to have a frosted coating and its pistols are orange.

The blue city diesel induces a mild to high body high that can last for a few hours. This makes it okay to consume during the day without feeling tired or on the couch. Also very good for treating some diseases and their symptoms.

Sunset sorbet On the other hand, there is a newer member of the cookie variety. It was developed in 2017 from a cross between the GSC strain and Pink Panties. The GSC is a classic marijuana plant known for its high potency. While Pink Panties is also known for its distinct Kush genetics.

Sunset Sorbet has an intricate blend of flavors that combine notes of sweet berries, candy, and skunks. It can be optimally used to medically reduce stress and some diagnosed mental disorders.

Currently, only the breeders who developed the strain know its exact origin. You seem to be strictly guarding this information. It was developed by Northwest Cannabis Solutions. These breeders say that the sunset blue traits are mainly from the line of the Sherbet strains.

The Sunset Blue is an Indica-dominant plant with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa.

This rich strain of marijuana is high in THC. With a percentage of over 23% THC, it creates a body hum that lasts long enough. Laboratory tests have shown that THC levels can be up to 28%.

It has a low percentage of CBD. In some sunset-blue plants, it can be up to 0.13%.


The Sunset Blue is amazing to look at. Its tight buds are neon-colored with a long grape-shaped structure. It has light amber stamps.

It has an overall light green color with light purple notes.


The buds of the Sunset Blue strain are in great demand for their addictive aroma. If you try to open a small lump of this weed, you will be hit by sour citrus, fruity, pine, and earth-like scents.

Its aroma cannot be forgotten in a hurry, as it can be easily thrown anywhere. It can be compared to ascribing a certain perfume to a friend, and every time a whiff of the perfume is felt, the friend instinctively occurs to him.


The Sunset Blue has a very sweet taste. A rich berry flavor is noted on the first inhalation. When exhaling the smoke, a sour lemony citrus taste is recognized as an aftertaste.

It has a balanced effect that makes the user level-headed. Sunset blue is the stuff of dreams. Perfect for an afternoon or evening of relaxation when there is little to do.

The high is generated a few moments after the first hit. The user feels light in a very relaxing way. There is also a tiny burst of energy with very little mental aftereffects.

Sunset Blue perfectly calms the user and makes everything seem calm.

The plant also has some genes that make it soothing in some ways. It can produce sleep-like effects that help the user get a good night’s sleep. Its light soothing properties can put the user into a peaceful sleep without being overwhelmed by the drug.

However, it must be taken in moderate doses. Because as with all high-THC strains, it can overwhelm the user and produce the opposite effects. Instead, it would make the user feel more uncomfortable while creating additional stress.

To summarize the effects; Sunset blue induces an energizing and euphoric effect. It can also make the user feel hungry.

This strain of marijuana can be used to treat chronic pain. Sunset Blue conveys a feeling of physical relief that can be felt on all parts of the body. It relieves limb pain and improves muscle flexibility.

Because of its high concentration of the psychoactive compound THC, it can also be prescribed to patients with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.

With this stress, symptoms of depression and anxiety can also be alleviated.

Recently, pharmaceutical companies have developed synthetic versions of THC compounds. They can be found as pills and are as effective as the plants themselves.

The Sunset Blue is a dreamy strain that everyone would love to meet after a long day. The higher the dosage used, the more difficult it will be to concentrate.

Further research is being carried out on this strain to see if it offers other medicinal benefits.

If you are looking for a brain and body to relax in, Sunset Blue is your best bet.


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