Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe for children? Here’s what you should know:

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for teenagers, making vaccination a reality for many parents considering taking their children to the nearest pharmacy or hospital for vaccination.

Vaccinating children against COVID-19 can be scary for some parents, especially because of the politics and drama that surround this important moment. A survey found that only 30% of parents were willing to take their children to the vaccination once a shot was available. Many parents see these vaccines as different from the average flu shot.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe for children? Will proof of vaccination be required to re-enter school? Here’s what you should know about COVID-19 vaccines and adolescents.

It is important that you give your child the vaccine

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Data from Pfizer’s vaccination trials with teenagers shows that the shot is 100% effective in protecting them from the virus. This is more effective than for adults. Protecting children not only drastically reduces child hospitalization and death from COVID-19, but it also prevents the development of new and more dangerous vaccine variants.

The side effects were minimal

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Data from teenagers shows that the vaccine works well for them and is considered safe for the vast majority. Approximately 6% of adolescents had an adverse event, including depression, constipation, and abdominal pain, that was unrelated to the vaccine itself. No frightening side effects such as blood clots or serious allergic reactions were reported in the vaccine studies.

Are COVID-19 Vaccines Needed For Personal School?

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While there has been a lot of discussion about vaccination cards and events that are only available to vaccinated people, there is no way of knowing if schools are enforcing this or if it is legal.

Some colleges and universities have asked students to get their vaccines if they want to attend class in person. However, this question can vary from state to state and is likely to be determined by each school’s vaccination policy and guidelines.

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