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There are not enough anti-smoking campaigns and they are not convincing enough to make smokers quit. Although tobacco smoke is known to contain harmful substances that can cause the heart, lungs, and even cancer, it is difficult to give up this habit. But now smokers have another option; they can breathe in without taking in harmful toxins (vaporization).

Vaporization claims to be a relatively safe option, where herbs and plants are not heated to the point where the compounds burn and release toxins, only their active ingredients are released into the inhaled vapor. They are portable Evaporator, Vaporizer pens, and desktop electronic cigarettes.

There are many types of vaporizers while ecigs have been around for a long time. Newer vapors for smoking cannabis extracts are a much more recent development, including the Seahorse Pro Vaporizer. It was available from the end of 2019. It is made by LOOKAH from China and is the successor to the Seahorse Vape pen.

LOOKAH Sseahorse PRO is the second generation of Seahorse swabs. It looks like a mini electric nectar collector kit. Compared to the first generation wax pencil, the Seepferdchen PRO can be described as a super multiple swab. Not only is it easy to clean, fits in all 510 cartridges, but we also supply accessories for all glass bongs and swabs. The swab coil for the PRO is not a ceramic coil, but a quartz coil that offers the best soft taste for healthier dabbing. You can purchase interchangeable coils that are sold separately on the website. The swab device is powered by a 3.7 volt battery (650 mAh). In addition to being a 510 thread battery, the swab battery also has a variable voltage so you can change the voltage between 3.2V / 3.6V / 4.1V and also switch between manual and automatic mode. With the glass tip, you can see wax vapor as you dab it. It looks really cool and is easy to clean which means you can keep a fantastic taste for every session.

To use a vaporizer, place the material you are using in the filling chamber. Make sure the herbs are ground into powder. The fine sieve provides an additional protective layer and prevents the mixture from flowing through the airway. The battery provides heat and converts indoor materials to steam almost instantly. The indicator light indicates that the vaporizer is heating and the heating element is heating up very quickly. The maximum temperature is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. A fully charged battery gives users 30 minutes of uninterrupted evaporation time.

The mouthpiece holder is on top of the vaporizer. The type of air extraction determines the internal temperature. If you hold the battery longer and slowly suck in air, the temperature will rise. Breathing slowly and steadily for 3-5 seconds will help you get the most out of your vaporizer and mix. Using breathing in conjunction with breathing elements helps determine the quality of the vapor.

Evaporates completely and stop smoking.

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