The Lazy Stoner Myth Debunked

For years we have believed through the “clutter” that those who use cannabis are nothing but lazy and a burden on society.

While the term stoner was meant to deter people from smoking cannabis, the counterculture included the term and well – weed is pretty legal these days.

In other words, we won!

However, this does not mean that the decades-long stigma of systematic National Socialist repogramming will simply disappear. Anchored deep inside, many people still believe that “stoners are lazy”.

It’s one of the big problems in employment these days.

Today, however, I hope to shed some light on the lazy stoner myth and possibly help some business owners decide whether to hire the cannabis user – because it shouldn’t be a factor (even if it does).

Let’s see what science has to say about the Lazy Stoner archetype.

How Science Debunked the Lazy Stoner Stereotype

Researchers from the University of California at the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Longevity Science in San Diego analyzed responses to a national survey on health and nutritional testing in 2005-2006.

Unlike most of these surveys, respondents were asked to measure their activity using an accelerometer, which can be used to check both the range of activity and intensity. According to researchers, it was the first study of its kind to quantify physical activity in this way.

The survey participants were divided into four sub-categories: Not, Mild, Moderate, Often related to cannabis use. This metric was created based on how much cannabis users have consumed in the past 30 days.

The researchers believe that national attitudes towards cannabis in 2005-2006 were still not as favorable as they are today – and therefore cannabis use is “underreported”.

In other words, their results these days would bring a larger sample of consumers to test.

What did the researchers find?

After quantifying the data, the researchers found that the levels of activity of cannabis users were generally not that different from those of non-users. However, on closer inspection of the four “subgroups”, they found that frequent marijuana users showed an increased level of activity.

You read that right – higher levels of physical activity than non-smokers!

When users stopped smoking cannabis, activities decreased or they “stopped moving so much”. “Light cannabis users were more likely to report themselves than non-users.”

Okay – but what about the restrictions?

Some of the limitations of the study were due to the device. The device itself wasn’t waterproof – you know because it was 2005-2006 and Youtube was hardly a thing back then.

In addition, half of cannabis users said they had smoked cigarettes – and when they adjusted, they found that cannabis smokers who DO NOT smoke tobacco were even more active.

While the study did not examine the pharmacological effects, the evidence is clear in reporting the activity. However, this doesn’t mean that cannabis makes you more active.

What it definitely proves is that smoking cannabis does not make you “less active”. And that’s significant in that millions of dollars have been spent on advertising campaigns teaching you and your kids that smoking weed makes you a slacker for nothing!

Some possible reasons cannabis users are more active

Some people think stoners just come up and sit on the couch with caked cum on their pants, sniffing junk food and watching cartoons or playing video games.

I don’t blame them – why wouldn’t you think that way after years of programming? I mean, it’s not that the government has ever lied to you.

But let’s go beyond that and consider why cannabis users may be more active than non-users.

exercise – Many cannabis users enjoy smoking and going to the gym or running or doing some physical activity. Or – they use it for recovery at the end of a training session.

Cannabis has been shown to reduce recovery time because it has anti-inflammatory properties and replenishes the endocannabinoid system. Therefore, it makes sense that cannabis users who enjoy exercising should be more active.

Explore – One thing I like to do when I’m high is to go for a walk!

Cannabis users like the outdoors. Of course, not all cannabis users like the outdoors, but there is a general tendency for a large proportion of consumers to go out – go for a walk, hike, or explore new places.

Less stress – I’m not sure if this is a solid reason or not, but when you are not stressed you tend to become more preoccupied with life.

When you are stressed out, don’t think about going for a run or getting distracted from things. You are preoccupied with the stressful situation until there is a sense of solution.

For example, the other day I had several appointments ahead of me – I gave up all my physical activity to focus on the work I had available. I easily skipped an hour of training.

Why? Because the stress inside of me said, “DO THE WORK!”

Fortunately, I have a natural “stress disruptor” that helps me get out of this way of thinking easily and effectively and get back into my activities.

Sticky conclusion

As mentioned earlier, this study doesn’t show whether cannabis leads to more activity – but it certainly shows that those who use cannabis are often more active than those who don’t.

This is the clearest evidence to debunk the “lazy stoner” stereotype and should be more than enough to convince a potential employer that hiring the “cannabis smoker” does not result in a loss of productivity, but an increase in productivity Productivity will lead.

Combine this with the fact that stoners take fewer sick days and it seems that smoking cannabis should be on your resume!






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