The best tips to avoid couch lock on the weekend

Many a Saturday has been ruined by too much fun on Friday evening. Hangovers have been a weekend bane for generations. While it's fun to let off steam, if you go too far it can ruin part of your weekend. With the mainstreaming of marijuana, it's easy to enjoy and completely relax on a Friday night after a hard day's work, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and boom – couch-locked!

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Couchlock is a term that describes a specific state of intense physical relaxation, a stoned feeling, and limited movement control. This is due to the consumption of certain strains of cannabis. It's an experience that leaves someone feeling so overwhelmingly relaxed that they literally feel glued to the couch or chair they're sitting on. It becomes psychologically difficult to stand up or move freely. Here you will find tips on how to avoid couch lock.

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Know yourself You know your tolerance, so dose correctly to achieve the desired goal. Be careful when you walk a bit. Remember that it takes a while to take full effect. So stay patient during the process. It's easy to consume too much if you don't wait until the peak of the high. If you are prone to couchlock, reduce your indica consumption and opt for a blend or a sativa.

Drink your juice – Drink your juice Shelby has been a meme for years. If you find yourself dozing off on the couch, grab a sugary soft drink, energy drink, or sweet snack. High-sugar treats are full of glucose, which gives you an insulin and energy boost. Juice, sugar soda, a milkshake are all good.

Eat – As with drinking, it is always better to start with something on your stomach. Eating helps ward off some of the worst effects of weed. Food helps the body process and absorb the chemicals it consumes. And it could prevent cravings when you're already full.

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Move – Couchlock sneaks up on you when you are relaxed and not moving. Don't allow your body to get too comfortable and don't succumb to the calming properties of weed. A short walk, a dance to great music or just a change of scenery – living room, kitchen, dining table can have a bigger impact than you might think. Fresh air can make a difference and help you stay more alert.

Speak – Getting your brain to engage in a small conversation, especially something you enjoy, can make a big difference. Find a friend and enjoy a nice conversation while letting your mind wander! Just don't make too many promises while you're excited.

Have a great weekend and enjoy it.

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