Sour Belts – Electroleaf, NY, Fall 2023

90 out of 100 points

Price: $50/eighth

The introduction of legal cannabis in New York was, shall we say, unique. The state has only licensed outdoor and greenhouse grow operations, so consumers are slightly more reliant on seasonal batches than states that operate indoor grow operations year-round. So don't forget to always check the certificate of authenticity and the harvest date of your flowers!

Electraleaf, a producer of flowers and prerolls with many High Times Cup victories in Oklahoma, harvested its Sour Belts (a cross between Blue City Diesel x Girl Scout Cookies) in October. This is a pretty strain and is just as hot as it looks. The green and prismatic buds exhibited great moisture and density, blooming with an aromatic mix of petrol and tart citrus, rounded off by a sweet earthy note and a touch of cream. The gas isn't just in the nose – after just a few puffs, my temples felt the familiar light pressure and my body was limp, but not enough to stop me from physical activity or an intense conversation. An excellent, if slightly pricey, purchase at Gotham NYC in the East Village, proving that the Empire State is getting its weed world under control.


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