Should marijuana be part of a larger conversation?

Whenever the family gets together, it is about past good times and heartaches, and when there have been such moments, about the realization or the need to share life announcements. Whether it's a marriage, a baby, a divorce, a move, a coming out, or a procedure, it's tricky and there are a lot of moving parts.

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The topic may be heavy, the mood may be heavy, but finding the right words is essential. It's important to be clear, have a message and be prepared for questions, feedback and maybe even resistance. All of this means you are on your A game. No expert would suggest drinking a lot of alcohol before sharing about a life change.

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Consuming cannabis before an interview can be beneficial, but it can also be harmful. It depends on many factors, not least the topic. There are topics that we think about for a long time before we bring them up. However, they can be improved by either microdosing THC or by consuming an amount of THC that you know you are confident and able to communicate and guide. Changes in relationships can be one of the more difficult conversations, but elevating the discourse with a little cannabis can help you be more present, more empathetic, and delve deeper into what you're conveying and why.

Talking about health topics is another place where cannabis can not only enrich the conversation but also be a central part of the discussion. Everyone has at least one loved one who is resistant to cannabis, but if that loved one is suffering, talking to them about introducing marijuana into their treatment can ease the suffering if you can pull through. The key here is not to get stoned, but rather to be lifted up and present the topics of conversation before entering the room.

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When it comes to having a conversation with a close friend to whom you're breaking news or discussing actions or habits that have surfaced, introducing cannabis into the discussion can reduce the appeal for both of you. Be steadfast in your beliefs, but listen and try to see things through their eyes, no matter who you're talking to.

If you are not a daily or even weekly cannabis smoker or user, microdosing is definitely the recommended course of action before the interview. Sometimes it's easiest to stay sober. If you want to keep your head clear but need a little something, take a microdose of sativa. Then get a good, heady indica for afterwards. You'll probably have a lot to think about afterward, and then cannabis will really be a relief at the end of a long day. Just don't think too much about what can't be left unsaid and breathe it out with each fragrant exhalation.

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