Data shows why cannabis users should be skinners

Given the “feeder” stigma, people are a little confused. Marijuana users tend to be a bit thinner!

Unlike other vices, marijuana seems to have another benefit: it helps to lose weight. Despite cravings or increased appetite, it doesn't seem to matter. Although it may seem intuitive that increased appetite would lead to weight gain, recent epidemiological studies suggest that marijuana users are less likely to suffer from obesity.

One theory is that cannabis can affect a person's insulin levels and therefore their waistline. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine collected and analyzed data from 4,600 adults.

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Researchers found that current marijuana users had significantly smaller waist circumferences compared to participants who had never smoked marijuana before. These results were surprising because factors such as gender, age, tobacco and alcohol use, physical activity and more were taken into account.

Photo by Huha Inc. via Unsplash

Participants who used cannabis had lower insulin levels compared to those who did not use marijuana. Even people who had used cannabis in the past had lower insulin levels than the average person, although to a much smaller extent.

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Another factor that can affect people's weight is THCV, a cannabinoid with appetite-stimulating effects. Although THCV is a minor cannabinoid and there is much less information about its effects, the compound is known to block THC's powerful ability to trigger hunger, which could help some people manage their eating habits and behaviors to get.

Although there are currently no medications or ways to consume THCV directly, there are some strains that contain large amounts of the compound, particularly sativa-dominant strains. Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry Pie, Face off OG and others could be interesting choices if you want to test the effects of THCV for yourself.

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