Seven Ways to Use Kief

What should I do with kief?

Once your cannabis plant is ready to harvest, trichomes will form on the leaves and buds. The term trichome comes from the Greek word “trichomes,” which means hair.

If you look at these epidermal appendages under a magnifying glass, you will notice that they resemble miniature mushrooms that are cloudy in color. These trichomes are rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, especially THC.

When trichomes dry, they form a powdery resin called kief. Because of its effectiveness, kief is highly sought after. On average, kief contains around 50% THC, but sometimes it can reach over 70%. It is not as potent as extracts, but is much easier to extract from your cannabis plant. Plus, you only need a little kief to get high, so if used correctly it can save you a fortune.

The quality of kief is determined by the quality of the cannabis plant from which it is extracted. If kief is dark green, it is less effective because it contains a lot of plant material. If it's golden or light brown and has a wonderful aroma, you have high-quality kief on your hands.

In this article, we offer you seven great ways to enjoy kief. But first, we'll give you a quick guide on how to collect kief from your herb.

Grind and collect your kief

While you can get by with a two-chamber grinder, we recommend purchasing one with three chambers, with the third used for collecting kief. A three-chamber mill has a sieve that separates the small kief crystals that fall off the herb during grinding. These are collected behind a fine sieve in a compartment separate from the ground herb.

If you only use the dual chamber version, the crystal may fall off and stick to the inside of the grinder.

Another way to collect the kief is to use a screen box and two coins. First, make sure your hands and coins are clean. Try not to touch the coins or weeds. Place two quarters with the dried herbs on a tray and shake the sieve box for up to 60 seconds. Once this is done, open the kief to see how much kief has been collected. If it's not enough, keep shaking until you're satisfied.

Kief typically measures between 75 and 125 microns. Therefore, 100 percent removal of resin from plant material is an extremely difficult process.

To collect high-quality kief, use at least three layers of mesh screen (four layers is better). The finest mesh should be in the lowest layer. This method allows you to collect high-quality kief without additional plant material.

Once you've collected enough, you can store it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. If not using immediately, stir and mix every two days to prevent sticking.

Seven Ways to Use Kief

1 – Craft Moon Rocks

If you've never tried Moon Rocks, you're missing out!

They are highly effective and a cost-effective alternative to concentrates.

To make moon rocks, gently heat some cannabis oil and evenly coat your buds with it.

Then sprinkle kief on the buds while the oil is still warm.

Alternatively, you can use tongs and roll the bud in the kief.

Once they have cooled and hardened, you can chop them up with your hands and spread them in a bowl. Enjoy.

When crushing moon rocks, do not use a grinder as this will grind your moon rocks too finely.

2 – Use it to make e-cigarette juice

You may not have thought about turning kief into an e-juice, but it's straightforward.

You will need the following:


A vape

Vegetable glycerin

Propylene glycol

coffee filter

A few syringes

Double boiler

E-juice flavors optional

We recommend adding propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in a 1:1 ratio to a double boiler and then adding your kief. Let the mixture heat until it melts and has a smooth consistency.

If you want, you should add flavor now. Pour the mixture into a coffee filter. Place a container underneath to filter out any remaining plant debris. Wait for the mixture to cool, fill the syringe, and use it to add the liquid to your vaporizer cart or store in an airtight container for later use.

3 – Cannabutter

Kief is good for cooking because it is more flavorful than other parts of the plant. Making cannabutter is similar to making cannabis oil. Here you will find step-by-step instructions:How to make canna oil at home.

Make sure you decarboxylate it before using it in recipes. To do this, place in a heatproof dish and bake for 20 minutes at around 220-240 degrees Fahrenheit. Then mix with butter to make hemp butter.

4 – Pressed Rosin

Rosin is an extraction technique that does not require the use of solvents. It uses pressure and heat to extrude resin from your kief or hashish. All you need is parchment paper, a few hair straighteners, and a collection container. When you make rosin with kief, you'll benefit from a highly potent concentrate that's great for dabbing.

5 – Create a hash

The first step in making a hash is to extract kief. Hashish is essentially kief that has been lightly heated and pressed to form soft balls or bricks. Applying heat and pressure to kief damages the resin glands, resulting in a change in composition. Additionally, if you put pressure on the kief, its color will darken.

You can use your kief to make hash at home. To do this, place the kief in folded parchment paper. Next, run the hot iron over the parchment paper. By doing this, you apply pressure and heat to the kief, changing its composition. The key here is to do this until the kief is compressed but the parchment doesn't burn.

6 – Add to joints or bowls

When sprinkling kief into joints, we recommend mixing it with the ground herb before rolling. Combining it with the bud ensures the kief doesn't fall out.

Alternatively, you can try making a wax joint. In order to do this:

  • Dampen the outside of your joint a little or apply some wax to the joint.
  • Roll the joint in kief sticking to the outside.
  • Light up and enjoy the extra kief kick.

You can add kief to the herb in your bowl.

This is called “crowning” a bowl. It significantly increases the potency of the bowl. Experienced smokers advise to “turn your head into the corner”. This method involves burning one quadrant of the bowl at a time. This way you can enjoy multiple hits from your kief bowl, and each one will taste just as fresh, without the burnt taste.

7 – Add it to coffee or tea

Many kief lovers add some to their coffee. When added to boiling water, it decarboxylates. Therefore, there is no need to put it in the oven first. You can also add it to your tea. One milligram per six ounces of liquid is sufficient. However, it's up to you how you enjoy it!

Final thoughts on what to do with kief

If you haven't tried kief yet, you're missing out! It's a cost-effective way to achieve the same effects as concentrates. All you have to do is collect the trichomes from your weed using a three-chamber grinder. There are many ways to enjoy the powerful highs it offers. Add it to your coffee, marijuana butter, joints, bowls or moon rocks or turn it into e-liquid. You will not regret it!

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