Marijuana gummies can make weddings easier

The term “Bridezilla” came into being in the mid-90s, and by now many people have seen the unfortunate cross between a bride and Godzilla himself. TicTok, Redditt and other social media are full of horror stories. And the newer sentence in Mozilla that wants to recreate the event in its image. Not to mention the other dramas that can accompany the event. According to a bride study, 71% believe planning a wedding is more stressful than looking for a new job. Maybe marijuana gummies can make weddings easier?

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Most brides and some grooms have an idea of ​​their ideal day and want the entire event to be perfect. Unfortunately, rarely is anything perfect and you have to expect mishaps and be in the moment. For most people who are not dealing with complex events or tasks, this also means a large amount of decisions, energy and money. It can be overwhelming and not everyone can get through it with a gracious attitude. Low doses of marijuana can help reduce the “heat” of the process.

A main reason marijuana gummies can help is that they can reduce anxiety. Gummy bears allow you to achieve a low dosage and slow rolling, allowing you to be productive, focused, and calm while dealing with details, decisions, the wedding party, and potential in-laws. THC provides a soothing calm by reducing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. The nervous system triggers a “fight or flight” response in stressful situations. About 2.5-5 mg during the process can make months or weeks of planning bearable, even if this is not the case for others.

Plus, it's far better for your body (and maintaining a wedding photo body than alcohol). If you're unfamiliar with cannabis, it's much less addictive than alcohol. And alcohol consumption can cause significant and potentially fatal physical withdrawal, while marijuana does not cause symptoms of physical withdrawal.

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There are thousands of stories about weddings going wrong due to over-stressed wedding guests. A little jelly beans can ease the planning phase and make the day of the event much calmer and more fun.

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