Pabst is expanding its range of THC seltzer and cementing the role of Big Alcohol in Legal Weed

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If you’ve worried about Big Alcohol getting involved in cannabis, we hate to break it for you, but it has already happened and it will continue to happen: Pabst Blue Ribbon, a world famous beer brand that swears it does The cannabis company “Pabst Labs” is an independent company (* eye roll *) has announced that it will be expanding the cannabis beverage line launched in 2020 with new products.

The brand started with a 5 mg THC / 5 mg CBD lemon-flavored Seltzer drink, and the new drinks with the historic band badges will expand that repertoire and include not only new flavors – strawberry kiwi, raspberry and mango – but also 10 mg THC -Version at the same price, for common consumers who couldn’t be fascinated by the original product.

“Since the PBR High Seltzer debut, more seasoned consumers have expressed their desire for a higher dose of THC,” said Mark Faicol, brand manager of Pabst Labs, in a press release, as Thrillist reported. “We have listened and are proud to offer an even better experience with our new 10 mg THC PBR High Seltzer.

Pabst Labs is technically different from Pabst Blue Ribbon or Pabst Brewing. PBR licensed its branding to Weed-Seltzer, a company founded by former PBR employees. This is obviously a sneaky way for the national brand to evade the fact that cannabis is still illegal nationwide.

This is hardly Big Alcohol’s first foray into cannabis drinks, however – and for a very specific reason we might add. Journalist Amanda Chicago Lewis said in her intriguing and eviscerating revelation of the potable sector of the cannabis industry for The Verge in 2019, “I found that big beer aspires to pot drinks because its own industry has been declining slowly and steadily for two decades. “(This analysis certainly applies to the numbers of breeder’s rights in recent years.)

Heineken subsidiary Lagunitas Brewing Company (a similar start-up that uses a brand of Cali to handle federal legal troubles) was an early entry into the cannabis bev game with its hi-fi hops and has a terpene-flavored IPA afterward released. Molson Coors, Constellation Brands and Anheuser-Busch InBev have also sought and used partnerships with Canadian companies. They are all aiming for the $ 2.8 billion market that analysts say will include cannabis beverages by 2025. Hell, even this release heralded the debut of its own Mango Kush hemp beer, which went on sale in Australia last year.

Pabst says it is the company’s longevity that will stand out in the potable weed market. “No other brand in this category can truly boast 175 years of history,” Faicol told CNN Business.

Time will tell how the company will affect the company’s profile, which made an impressive comeback in the 21st century after a reorganization of its management – which brought us the aforementioned rodeo era for bicycle messengers in Portland, Oregon. As Thrillist puts it, “PBR seems to be working towards bringing you a whole new vibe that doesn’t just consist of being part of the local bar’s $ 5 beer and a shot ad.”

The new flavors will be available in time for summer, and you can purchase the 5 mg and 10 mg Pabst Labs Lemon Seltzer at certain California pharmacies and online.

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