Bongs and Pipes: What’s the Best Option for New Smokers?

New cannabis smokers have many exciting first steps to take. Whether you buy sativa or indica, consume edibles, smoke joints or vapes and what papers you want to use. It can all be very overwhelming. One of the more exciting lessons is buying your first piece of smoking. should you choose a bong or a pipe? They both have their pros and cons.

Bongs and pipes are the most traditional ways of smoking. If you have one of these, all you need is some weed and hopefully a grinder. Here is a breakdown of the two:


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Pipes are the most convenient and portable option. They are discreet and do not require any skills when trying to smoke. You pack your bowl and you’re done. Pipes are usually cheaper and last longer. If it falls and breaks it is very easy to replace and not many tears will be shed.

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Whistles are a great option for someone experimenting with cannabis. It’s a simple and cheap commitment. The pipe can be put away when not in use and doesn’t take up much space in your place. It’s also a great option if you live with parents or conservative roommates. The pipes range from one hit to disposable and elaborate pieces.


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Bongs aren’t portable or easy to disguise, but they’re one of the first and most popular investments a cannabis person is committed to making. Since these are water pipes, they make for a smoother hit, keep some of the ash in the water, and keep your lungs from feeling like they are on fire. Bong users generally love their bongs and prefer smoking them over any other piece or method.

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While slightly intimidating to those who have never used them, bongs are easier to control than hits from other devices. However, since they are a little more expensive than the average pipe, it is worth thinking about and doing your research as the options are myriad. They are delicate and not discreet, which makes them difficult to hide and place in a place where they cannot be found.

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Bongs and pipes are great first steps for any marijuana enthusiast. They are the natural progression for someone who has smoked weed with friends and wants to develop a deeper relationship with cannabis. In the end, it all depends on your personal preferences and whether you want something to take with you on the go or comfortably smoke indoors.

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