Not a year no more grass! Register to win the MERRY JANE 4/20 Weed Giveaway

Are you ready?

Ready to be baked like loads of Martha Stewart’s cookies? Fly higher than the Tesla Roadster? To be lifted like alpine skiers at Mountain High?

Are you ready for 4/20?

This year is not a regular year. MERRY JANE is celebrating April 20th, 2021 with a very special weed giveaway with valuable prizes worth thousands of dollars!

And it’s as easy as watching a video on your computer or mobile device.

To enter, log on to MERRY JANE’s 4/20 Weed Giveaway website. The ultimate countdown to Livestream 420 begins Tuesday, April 20 at 3 p.m. PST.

Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson from the Weed + Grub podcast will host the livestream. So be ready to laugh until you cry, and then you have to go high to calm yourself down and win a wet prize. The Chain Gang from East LA will be making some badass chain stitches too!

Anyone who watches the livestream can win a number of prizes. The winners will be selected at random. But what can you win?

Potpunks NFTs

The main prize: A year full of weeds! Courtesy of MERRY JANE SELECTS, our main sponsor for the MERRY JANE 4/20 giveaway with the following terms and conditions.

Additional, specially illuminated prices are:

– Autograph session of the limitless variety of weeds by Master P.

– The first ever NFT giveaway from Potpunks, a cannabis NFT that celebrates the diversity of people who bloated the plant and honored the pioneers who paved the way for federal legalization. These NFTs are made by a collective of creatives, developers, crypto diehards, NFT collectors and above all weed lovers.

– Gift cards up to $ 500 from Eaze and Ganja Goddess weed delivery services.


– The best new hot sauce for Red Ranch 2021 from famous chef Daniel Peterson.

– Foxy Lunch Pails, packed with Foxy’s moist weed products.

– An Olala Custom Mini Fridge to keep your weed beverages cool and make your crib look cooler.


– MERRY JANE’s new book on CBD, CBD Living.

Again, to jump into this wet weed game and celebrate 4/20 in snoopadelic doggystyle fashion:

Log in to our website.

Start the livestream on Tuesday, April 20 at 3 p.m. PST at 3 p.m. PST.

Sit back with our hosts at Weed + Grub, get toasted and see if you’re lucky.

This year’s 4/20 awards are just a taste of what you can earn when you sign up for MERRY JANE Rewards. The rewards include everything from meet and greet seshes with your favorite artists to paid stays at Jamaican resorts. Best of all, MERRY JANE rewards will be available long after this year’s 420 ends.

All participants in this year’s MERRY JANE 420 Weed Giveaway and MERRY JANE Rewards must be 21 years of age and a California resident.

Get yourself blazed, stunned, and hella elevated for the holiday with MERRY JANE!

Register for the 420 Giveaway by clicking here.

Sign up for MERRY JANE Rewards on the website.

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