New surveys show that cannabis delivery has become increasingly popular and in demand

During the pandemic, cannabis delivery and drive-through options became more of a hot topic than ever. In addition to the logistics and security it offers, delivery offers a hassle-free, convenient system that stays here. According to a recent survey by Ganja Goddess, a California-based online cannabis user brand, cannabis users still want to have weed delivered.

According to the results of the survey, cannabis use has increased and, in many cases, is being driven by the treatment of mental health problems. Food has become even more important than flowers as a method of consumption, and vape pens are not as popular – or at least not in the last year because no one has been around.

“Americans have been spending more time at home than ever since the pandemic began, creating an overwhelming national demand for delivery services,” said Zachary Pitts, CEO of Ganja Goddess.

“The initial surge in cannabis shipments sales was remarkable, but its continued proliferation more than a year later speaks volumes. An increase in cannabis use and an increased emphasis on health management are underscoring the impact of these challenging times. Ganja Goddess has followed and shared a variety of cannabis usage trends over this period to uncover permanent changes in users’ preferences and behaviors. The results help our industry make more informed business decisions and better serve customer needs and wants as we move into the mainstream. ”

Cannabis delivery is booming during the pandemic and not slowing down

The survey found that, according to 89.9 percent of respondents, cannabis delivery services are the primary method of purchase during the pandemic. This is a 70 percent increase from pre-pandemic times. Only 6.4 percent of people say they go to retail stores and 60 percent say they use delivery apps for convenience. They predict that if companies want to keep consumers happy, this new model should be kept.

In addition, the survey found that alcohol use remained unchanged during the pandemic, while cannabis use increased. A total of 78.1 percent of people reported using cannabis to improve mental health, including sleep disorders, anxiety, and pain. More than half of those surveyed, a rate of 53.9 percent, said they use cannabis as a substitute for alcohol.

Food was also the most popular form of consumption at 58 percent. Flower took second place with 52.9 percent. Food has increased 7 percent since the last survey by the ganja goddess, and flowers decreased 3 percent.

In addition to the increasing number of people who want to supply cannabis, another recent survey by NORML shows that more people than ever want legal cannabis. This means the industry will have to expand and adapt to keep up with growing demand from consumers who clearly want cannabis to be legal and convenient, rather than being bought in the illegal and unregulated market or just in certain ways.

“There is no repentance on the part of the American people on the part of the buyer. In the age of legalization at the state level, electoral support for this issue has grown rapidly – an indication that these policy changes have been successful and meet the wishes and expectations of voters, ”said Erik Altieri, Executive Director of NORML. “Today, voters of all ages and in virtually every region of the country agree that marijuana should be legal. We have a mandate from the American people and we want to make sure the elected officials adhere to it. “

The legality of cannabis at the federal level and acceptance of delivery at the state level are clearly still up for debate, but one truth remains: cannabis users are ready for legal and accessible cannabis and will continue to push it by then becomes a reality.

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