Moneybagg Yo, Gumbo shut down Miami for the launch of “Shot Off.”

In December, brands typically opt to activate during Miami’s hugely popular Art Basel week. But the hottest weed buzzing on the streets right now, Gumbo Brands, and chart-topping hip-hop artist Moneybagg Yo waited for the dust to settle to announce their partnership for Bagg’s new Gumbo strain Celebrate Shot Off Gumbo. In a more intimate affair, they closed Black-owned Playa Miami restaurant for about 50 guests, including a couple of celebrity friends of the brand, The City Girls’ Caresha, Amber Rose, NORE Moneybagg Yo, labelmates, trendsetters, media, and the founders of the Gumbo -Brands Karim Butler and Alexis Major themselves.

The amount of ice spilled in the room for such a small number of guests was amazingly amazing. Wall to wall bling off! If you’ve never been to a gumbo event, let me warn you, they love doing all things great for the culture. Drinks flowed freely with the bar fully open… there were definitely footage from 1942 being frivolously passed around the tables. The food was amazing. I suggest anyone who is in the Miami Beach area or planning a visit to make reservations now…highly recommend the delicious lamb chops, calamari bites and tasty mac & cheese. Thank me later! The vibes and networking were at 1000, especially with DJ Wrecky keeping the hype pumping while he mixed a healthy dose of Bagg’s hottest hits throughout the night. At the end of the event nobody wanted to leave, they literally had to turn on the lights. Each guest received signature gumbo sticks and plenty of gas to take home.

Courtesy of Gumbo

Gumbo not only showed his love for Moneybagg Yo at the announcement dinner, but also gave him a 150 carat VS diamond necklace and a 90 carat VS diamond watch, which is one of 18 worldwide, from Pristine Jewelers. The Black-owned cannabis and lifestyle brand is buzzing on the streets like crazy, best known for its collaborations with today’s hottest entertainment companies, including Meek Mill, Lil Meech, NORE, Fabolous, and brand sponsor of the viral podcast Drink Champs, attracted more attention.

The “Shot Off Gumbo” strain will be a hybrid with an earthy, sweet pine undertone and a euphoric and stoned experience under the Gumbo Brands umbrella.

Courtesy of Gumbo

Gumbo Brands is a revolutionary new cannabis and lifestyle company founded by Karim Butler and Alexis Major, a black-owned entrepreneurial couple. Unlike some of the corporate brands that step in and try to capitalize on cultural equality in this industry, Gumbo Brands is primarily focused on making a difference, building wealth and sharing knowledge within the black and brown communities. Black ownership accounts for just 4.3% of all cannabis businesses. This couple is breaking that barrier by bringing more people in the community into the cannabis business and giving them the resources and career opportunities to thrive. Gumbo Brands uses creative cultural initiatives in this space to encourage entrepreneurship while supporting racial justice and inclusion outcomes, including working with ex-prisoners to obtain licenses who often lack the financial resources or the right information to get one.

Currently a leading brand in the cannabis space, Gumbo is sold in the best dispensaries across the country and is on track for global expansion with its products, which include flowers, G-pens, exclusive merch and lifestyle products. They recently announced a partnership with global empire Cookies, which will give the brand access to 22 states and 15 countries as cannabis adoption increases in legalized areas of the world. If you want to get your hands on some of this new cannabis strain, be sure to visit

Courtesy of Gumbo

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