Luxury cannabis dispensaries, the new trend in Canada to the US?

Recreational cannabis legalization in Canada has had several impacts on the North American cannabis industry and across the country.

For one thing, there is a high influx of jobs and taxes. The cannabis black market has been nipped in the bud and Canadians are slowly realizing that cannabis can be an alternative source of medical help.

Since marijuana was effectively legalized in 2018, the cannabis market has grown and the industry is expected to be worth at least $ 20 billion in 2022.

The way the industry is developing has made one thing clear to several cannabis business owners: the only way to stand out in the industry right now is to be different. This has spawned many innovative ideas including luxury cannabis dispensaries.

The products sold in these establishments are varieties of the highest quality. These logs were carefully hardened, cut, sorted and packed in a noble way.

The new luxury cannabis dispensaries in Canada focus on manufacturing and marketing only high quality and laboratory tested products. It delivers products that offer consumers a superior experience compared to products sold in regular pharmacies or on the black market.

The products cannot be over-packaged as the Canadian government has made it clear that the cannabis industry should do minimal advertising.

Therefore, only the quality of the product can be edited and improved.

As expected, these deals are only aimed at people who can afford their prices. These marijuana enthusiasts are ready to pay big bucks for the best cannabis strains with the highest shelf life.

They live in high income areas and supplement their cannabis with other products that are not harmful to health.

Simply put, they want the best of the best cannabis products and are willing to pay very high prices for them.

Luxury cannabis dispensaries are popping up in various locations across the country. This is the latest trend in the industry right now. These luxury establishments are swooning with their high style and high end customer service. They seem very exciting already.

They offer a new and nifty way of shopping for a “high”. Imagine strolling into a shop with stylish decor and perfect architecture to buy weeds compared to the past when the blackened windows and faint breath of the surroundings invaded a tiny shop.

These luxury pharmacies look like the next generation of pharmacies. They are always well ventilated and spacious. Even the grow rooms are airy and spacious.

As newer companies form, here is a list of luxury cannabis dispensaries that are setting the pace in Canada’s luxury cannabis niche.

1 – Quest

This luxury brand is located in Creston, British Columbia. The brand has developed a strain of marijuana that is currently one of the best strains on the Canadian cannabis market. Their products are made from the finest seeds and unique techniques.

Their bud ‘BC Bud’ has been carefully bred and developed from the cross of the rarest and most powerful strains. It has also gone through a series of tests to prove that it is safe for consumption.

2 – tweed

This brand was founded in 2014 and has made a name for itself in the Canadian cannabis market. Tweed has over 15 stores across Canada.

This luxury store sells every cannabis product – from plant buds to groceries, accessories, extracts, infused cannabinoid products and much more. The business plans to bring more products to market in the coming years.

Tweed is one of the most famous cannabis brands in Canada because they make Canadians highly aware of the beneficial properties of cannabis products.

3 – Tokyo Smoke

This is an award-winning luxury brand in Toronto. The brand plans to open more cannabis dispensaries to trade their special and newly developed recreational marijuana strain.

The business caters to all types of customers. With its products from just $ 10 to a high price tag of $ 13,000. This is most likely what many Canadian cannabis users like about it.

4 – Burb

This is another trendy cannabis brand that sells premium cannabis and its accessories. Burb is located in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia and has been actively growing since its inception in 2018.

Just like tweed, it does a lot of awareness raising to change the primary thought of most cannabis users in Canada. The aim is to develop a premium brand that has long been valued by every group of citizens in Canada.

5 – Doja

Doja was founded in 2014 and is located in Okanagan BC. They produce prime BC buds in a valley around their location. Their products are carefully hand cut and cured to meet the needs of their world class customers.

Doja is best known for his public mission to seek forgiveness from all Canadians in prison for minor convictions of cannabis.

The proceeds from their “PARDON” merch will be used in full for this mission.

6 – Top sheet

This luxury brand was founded by forward-thinking cannabis enthusiasts who wanted only the best of the best weed. They are committed to carefully developing unique cannabis buds with complex terpenes and flavonoid profiles.

The top sheet contains medium to high potency products. In their Olds facility in Alberta, they cross-breed well-known cannabis strains using the best possible techniques. They are the brand for rich, high quality cannabis.

7 – fire & flower

This label was founded in Toronto in 2019. It currently has several luxury locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

They sell various types of premium cannabis as well as other accessories and goods.

Like other brands, Fire & Flower already has expansion plans.

Other brands to look out for include:




Nutritional high

There will be more emerging luxury cannabis dispensaries in the Canadian cannabis market in the coming months, targeting customers looking for a unique and exciting high.

With the right strategies and government policies, this niche would be gaining a foothold in a fairly competitive marketplace in no time.

The madness doesn’t seem to end anytime soon …





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