Luck Presents Launches High Holidays Celebration in Honor of Willie Nelson

The team behind the annual Luck Reunion has launched a campaign to bring an official note to the cannabis community’s annual celebration of the herb with the high holidays. It starts on April 20 and ends on April 29 with Willie Nelson’s birthday. Luck Presents even asks President Joe Biden and Congress to set the 10-day national holiday deadline.

Considered “a villainous cultural collective headquartered in Willie Nelsons Luck, TX,” Luck Presents aims to “create experiences that incorporate our past while nurturing new traditions in American root culture,” according to a group press release published for her Luck Reunion is known concert series. With this year’s High Holidays events, Luck Presents hopes to stimulate discussion about the destigmatization, decriminalization and legalization of hemp and cannabis.

“I think people need to be educated that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is an herb and a flower, “said Nelson, as quoted by Luck Presents. “God brought it here. If he brings it here and wants it to grow, what gives the government the right to say that God is wrong? “

High Holidays: Ten days full of actions and events

The Celebration of the High Holidays 2021 begins April 20th and is a look back at great moments in the history of weeds. The next five days have been set as time to act and underscore the work of the Cannabis Voter Project, the beneficiary of this year’s celebrations.

Next up is the Luck Summit 2021: Planting the Seed, a virtual event that kicks off on April 26 with a celebrity-hosted welcome extravaganza. On April 27 and 28, panel discussions will take place on various virtual stages, in which, among other things, discussions will be held on topics such as science, agriculture, ethics and the economy of cannabis. The summit will conclude on April 29th with keynote speakers and a birthday party for Willie Nelson.

Luck Presents called the upcoming event “a time of year when we gather to celebrate cannabis while paying tribute to one of its patron saints, Willie Nelson. The High Holidays showcase history, science, community and culture and are a forum for open and honest discussions about cannabis use. “

Petition calls for a declaration on the national holiday

The Luck Presents team doesn’t mess with its mission to destigmatize cannabis. Or maybe they are. In a petition on, the group calls on the Biden administration and lawmakers in Congress to make High Holidays a national holiday.

“This petition, while slightly joking, aims to destigmatize cannabis use and cannabis users, and broaden the dialogue with Congress on decriminalization and the many benefits of the cannabis plant,” the Luck team wrote in a press release.

Admission to the Luck Summit is free with a donation to the Cannabis Voter Project, a group that informs, registers, and exposes voters interested in cannabis policy. For more information, visit the High Holidays website, where members of the cannabis community are encouraged not to apologize for their love of the plant, in the red-haired stranger’s own words.

“Almost everyone who has ever heard my name or my music knows that I smoke a pot,” said Nelson. “I know some people dislike this, but I still think it’s better than apologizing for who I am and what I do.”

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