Leafly Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Arizona

Here are the greenest gifts from the state of Grand Canyon.

Arizona’s two-year-old recreational cannabis market has really come of age. The state switched from medical to adult use in January 2021 and now has more than 120 stores serving customers and patients.

Giving the gift of weed can be a great Christmas present for grown-ups, a last-minute treat for the host at a dinner party, or a delightful treat for fellow teachers after freshman year. It’s also a great opportunity to earn brownie points with the father-in-law.

Check out these cannabis award-winning and best-selling brands of flower, vaporizers, concentrates and edibles to complete your shopping list or put some gifts under your own tree.


Arizona smokers can get most of the well-known brands like any major state, including Cookies, which sells its Georgia Pie in Phoenix and beyond. She’s the perfect treat for GSC lovers who want to add some more stone fruit and berries to their dessert flavor palate.


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Have a smoke with your cousins ​​before the big dinner to whet the appetite. Or slap the cake afterwards to make room for dessert. Showing up with Georgia Pie shows you care, and its Gelatti and Kush Mints parentage is proof that contemporary Cookies flavors have branched out from California to the US and beyond.


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While others add orange slices to their cider, we recommend adding Vital’s blood orange gummies to your shopping cart. Sweet and floral with a subtly tart finish, these gummies are better than any box of candy you’ll get throughout the season.

Plus, the 1:1 hybrid CBD to THC ratio makes her a great option for relaxing on vacation. Treat yourself to a relaxed atmosphere while you meet up with friends and family.

These gummies are available at Zen Leaf dispensaries for just $11 (all flavors, regular price: $16-18) through December 25, 2022.

(Khalifa Kush/Leafly)

Top rapper Wiz Khalifa re-released his eponymous strain — Khalifa Kush, a premium OG Kush phenotype — for the adult market in 2022, and Arizona is one of those states where you can get KK on tap for the holidays can find. Grown by Tryke Companies in Arizona, she has that classic OG Kush pine-lemon flavor.

This versatile hybrid effect works over the weekend and bakes throughout the evening. Fill stockings with Khalifa Kush pre-rolled hemp blunts, or look for the brand’s Diamond Batter Rolls.

(Dime Industries/Leafly)

Arizona vape cart brand Dime Industries swept the 2022 Errl Cup into vape pens, and Wedding Cake is pretty much the most popular strain in America right now. So the Dime Wedding Cake hybrid vape cart is a great choice for your boo over the Thanksgiving break and into the holiday season.

Disposable vaporizers couldn’t be easier to use than this one. You simply unwrap her and sip from the mouthpiece to draw cool, strong, sweet vanilla vapour. Wedding Cake is a versatile hybrid that will lift your spirits and help relieve tension.

This disposable is also rechargeable in case you forget it in your glove box for a few months.

(Point 9/Leafly)

Where are my dabbers? After the kids and grandparents have gone to bed, unpack Puffco Peak and treat yourself to this vacation. Arizona’s Item 9 Labs consistently collect trophies for their trending extracts.

We would start with the Z3, a child of the leading Zkittlez strain. Z3 should deliver thick waves of tropical fruity terpenes and pack a deep, body-stoned THC wallop. Item 9 has won 30 awards over the past five years, and that’s most likely because these crumble-type extracts are super versatile.

You can dab them, sprinkle them in a joint, or place them on a flower bowl in a pipe, bong, or bubbler.

(Alien Labs/Leafly)

Do you have a funny uncle? He’ll love that one of the hottest cannabis brands in the world is bringing their unique gummies to Arizona this Thanksgiving. Alien Labs Galactic Gummies feature a cool alien-shaped form and small, sugary, rocky “flavoring asteroids” embedded within. Each gummy has 10 mg THC with 10 pieces in a bag.

Start with half an alien head and wait 90 minutes before continuing. They are available in Cosmic Cherry, Bluto, Melonade and Atomic Apple.

Alien Labs gummies also use ice water filtration marijuana extract (aka hash) as opposed to solvent extraction (distillate). The result is a less synthetic, more nuanced edible high.


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Show your brother that you care by giving them snacks. Sublime has suckers, caramel chewy, and southwestern pretzels, yes — but let’s get weird (and savory) with the chili-lime popcorn. It’s air popped corn with chili lime and Sublime’s premium “champagne” distillate.

You won’t notice any weed taste, especially amid the Fuerte flavors of chili and lime. Each sachet contains 100mg of THC, so sprinkle some nuts in a regular bowl to avoid overdoing it.

Happy Holidays from Leafly

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