Leafly Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Illinois

These curated weed picks will ensure your spirits stay high over the Illinois holiday season.

Looking to give a weed gift to a friend or family member in Illinois this holiday season? The winter chill can make an intimate cannabis session even sweeter.

Check out these holiday picks fresh from the Illinois pharmacies and let us know if you end up sharing a few or keeping them to yourself.

Shop for your friend, sweetheart, or that family member you’d most like to smoke with over the holidays. Weed is always an incredible gift. Click on the links to buy the strains and products right here on Leafly.

Stay safe and cozy, Illinois.

(93 Boyz/Leafly)

In 2022, we saw the debut of artist Vic Mensa’s brand 93 Boyz in Illinois. The Black-owned cannabis company with deep ties to the Chicago community offers pre-rolls in three distinctive strains.

This holiday we recommend the Pit Stop Pre-Roll, a 0.75g joint that is the perfect stocking filler. This pre-roll hybrid blend will help you or someone you love take a moment to unwind amidst the busy holiday season without making them want to take a nap.

It’s also great to have in your pocket for a session with your friends or cousins.


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The perfect gift for the wanderer in your life, Chocolate Chunk is the result of a collaboration between legendary rock group The Allman Brothers Band. crew to deliver a sweet treat this holiday season.

The potent indica-like strain has Afghani landrace DNA and is primed, courtesy of the Allman Brothers, to become your ideal late night companion.

Light up Matter’s orange-speckled premium flower, and you’ll be greeted with a pungent chocolate flavor and a slowly building euphoria that fades into pure bliss like an excellent concert. All you have to do is sit back, light up and eat a peach.

(Up North/Leafly)

California-style cannabis makes its way to Illinois in the careful hands of UpNorth Humboldt.

The brand’s small-batch flowering operation delivers popular strains to consumers, as does their eighth Durban Poison. The reasonably priced (for Illinois) 3.5g jar offers an energetic boost known to relieve stress and anxiety.

Best of all, Durban Poison dominates in lemony terpinolene, a terpene not easily stumbled upon. The rarity of terpinolene makes the gift of UpNorth Humboldt Durban Poison extra special due to its unique chemistry and uplifting effects.

(tin/leaf fly)

Weed drinks can be a tasty way to relax and enjoy holiday flavors, along with the added bonus of waking up without a hangover.

We recommend Cann’s Blood Orange Cardamom Hi-Boys for both fun and celebration this holiday season. Grab a 4-pack to share with other cannabis-loving adults, or decorate one as a gift for your holiday guest.

Each can contains 5 milligrams of THC, bringing the evening up a notch with every crack of a tab.


Edible Dosage Chart

(Good News/Leafly)

What’s more fun than a holiday brunch? The only thing that might rival it is the Good News Brunch Pen, a 300mg disposable vape with a citrus flavor that will remind you of orange juice or mimosa.

The discreet vaporizer offers bright, functional relaxation, making it a chic gift for a friend who usually chooses coffee for their morning high or often needs an afternoon boost of energy.

The disposable format makes it NBD if accidentally lost.


Baby it’s cold outside and not everyone is trying to stay out in the elements for too long. That’s why these Kosher Kush Dogwalkers are THE gift for the Illinois winter.

This five pack of 0.35g joints provides someone you love with the perfect dose of weed for a quick walk around the block at the end of the night. They’re great for gifting to your friends on the go, or as a nightcap at a party where you don’t want to share germs too.

Kosher Kush is an ideal evening strain with a delicious earthy flavor thanks to myrcene, its dominant terpene. It also helps with stress, pain and insomnia.

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Janessa is the creator of Lumen and Seeds of Change.

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