KushKart starts shipping marijuana in Massachusetts after raising $ 3.6 million

Not only is cannabis an extremely medicinal and health plant, it is fast becoming a fantastic way to ensure social justice in our communities.

Since the American states started legalizing weeds, more and more people are using the legalization process to make a positive contribution to their community. If you want to give something back to the cannabis community in your state, you may want to keep reading, because that’s what KushKart is all about.

What is Kushkart’s delivery service? Why is Massachusetts on the news and how is it possible they raised $ 3.5 million? Read on to find answers!

Before we proceed, let’s first understand the importance of cannabis programs for social justice.

Social Justice Cannabis Program

A cannabis social justice program is a platform that aims to provide equal access in the cannabis industry. The cannabis sector has long been plagued by inequalities and minority communities have been at the mercy of the industry for years. Many of these vulnerable communities and individuals have also fallen victim to the flawed criminal justice system that targeted and incarcerated those who used weeds when it was not legal.

But as the benefits of cannabis emerged and more states legalized weed, the number of social justice programs has increased. Run by passionate cannabis enthusiasts, these programs try to solve such problems by educating those affected on how to maximize the cannabis trend, and Tamika Samson does it with KushKart.

Tamika Samson and the Cannabis Social Justice Program

Tamika Samson pondered the cannabis industry in 2019 after her sister encouraged her to think about what cannabis could be after Massachusetts legalized weeds. Well, that encouragement and urge to get into the weed industry is what has landed Tamika on the news. How? Read on to find out.

In 2019, Tamika began learning everything she needed to know about cannabis from the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) in order to look for opportunities in the recreational weed room. When she started she was too busy so she didn’t take the investigative process seriously. However, when she found out about the related social equity programs, she knew she wanted to be a part of this industry.

The social justice program made residents and communities affected by past and current marijuana laws a priority. This caught Samson’s attention. Although she qualified for the program where she lived, her zip code was not included, it appeared that she was not making any progress.

Samson didn’t give up! Her persistence led to a CCC employee informing her that another channel in the industry might help the children and spouses of inmates. By “detainees” here we refer to those who are arrested when cannabis has not been legalized.

From her efforts in 2019, Samson was officially welcomed to Massachusetts in 2020!

Massachusetts was ready with a great welcome

To be successful in the cannabis social justice arena, you must work with a team of other people who are passionate about such programs. This realization of winning a team spurred Samson to work with 30 other aspiring delivery drivers.

Together, they all took Zoom courses, started and supported support groups for other social justice participants, and the group grew to a total of about 80 students.

Samson says they communicate with students daily through Zoom meetings and take classes through the CCC. Classes include lessons about growing cannabis, learning the plant, its retail system, and everything else the student needs to know.

There is also a portion of the program that connects business owners with pro bono advisors and helps vendors interested in supporting other social justice businesses.

Once a person is accepted into the program, they can fundraise, find investors, and assemble a team. Tamika has set the bar high for the social justice of cannabis and together with business partner Taylor Weaver they are ready to solve serious cannabis challenges.

How Kushkart works?

While Kushkart is just getting started, success is imminent due to Samson’s extensive knowledge of health and wellness. Samson has helped many clients recover from substance abuse and believes cannabis can also help individuals overcome the substance abuse challenge.

Cannabis has the natural ability to help people who are dealing with depression, anxiety, opioid addiction, and mental health problems like schizophrenia. Cannabis helps convalescents with their withdrawal, limits their cravings for substances and helps them sleep. Cannabis also helps women with a wide variety of problems affecting their bodies.

Samson is a health professional who understands how people process ideas about using cannabis in their minds. Most people want to try it for the first time and some are already using it but don’t want to go to pharmacies to get it.

For those who go to the pharmacies, the line is always too long, making them uncomfortable standing outside as everyone else in their neighborhood will see that they are getting “cannabis”. For some people, standing outside and waiting for cannabis is unacceptable.

This is where Kushkart comes in. Kushkart helps deliver cannabis to these people’s homes, and it does it discreetly. There are no advertising displays with Kushkart delivering cannabis to them. Even the vans are unmarked, so no one knows that someone in the neighborhood is getting cannabis.

Kushkart and raises $ 3.5 million

Samson and Taylor capitalized on their passion for the cannabis industry and raised $ 3.5 million to set up Kushkart across Massachusetts while having a controlling interest in the business. They have ambitious plans to expand their activities as they have a long term vision for Kushkart.

Bottom line

While the number of states that have legalized cannabis increases, there is still a huge stigma surrounding cannabis use. Such a stigma makes it difficult for people to get out of there and get the cannabis they need to improve their health or live better, fun lives.

However, social stocks like Kushkart provide a loophole by making sure people get their cannabis discreetly. The $ 3.5 million raised will go a long way, and the company’s success will inspire other people to take the social justice of cannabis seriously.







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