How to Cope When Only One Partner Uses Weed

Dating and relationships can be fun, challenging and fulfilling, but it's important to be clear about who you are both as a couple and as an individual. Politics, religion, having children and money are the big hurdles that can lead to a divide. A survey found that the top three causes of divorce are fundamental incompatibility (43%), infidelity (28%) and money problems (22%). So what happens when intolerances arise? How do you overcome it? Until legalization spread, alcohol and smoking were the only consumption habits that needed to be controlled. Now you'll learn how to deal with only one partner using weed.

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When only one partner drinks, it can be challenging and a couple must figure out how to cope. Alcohol is generally legal and socially acceptable, but it can cause more problems than weed. The disadvantages of drinking alcohol include a hangover, possible behavior change under the influence of alcohol, health problems and expense. Social acceptance of cannabis has increased, with over 85% of people agreeing to some form of legalization. In addition, there are some myths in general, including laziness and lack of motivation.

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Knowing, sharing and talking are key to building a bond. Unlike alcohol and marijuana, it's important to understand the difference between using something for medical reasons (e.g., anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia) and recreationally. The science is clear that cannabis has it Medical benefits, it's not alcohol. A drink to relax is much more Data cloudy.

Respect their opinion

While it would be great to consume together and have a delicious and fun meal, if the person you are dating doesn't do that, you can't force them. A non-judgmental, open conversation followed by a general decision should provide a clear path forward. You'll get more points for respecting their space and choices than if you try to prove you're right. And when done correctly, you can consume comfortably.

Be respectful of the space

Like tobacco, smoking tobacco can give a hint of what is going on. Some people have problems with smell, others just don't want their room to smell. Like smokers, be it cigarettes or the occasional cigar, come up with a plan for where you consume.

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Man up

At the same time, it is just as important to stand firm and not hide who you are because the person you are dating thinks differently. This advice isn't just limited to marijuana, as it's important that you maintain your individuality when entering into a new relationship. Find a middle ground and moments where you can enjoy your habit without disrupting your partner's everyday life.


Compromise can come in many ways, either by consuming on days you are apart, trying non-intoxicating strains, or treating yourself on special occasions and explaining to your partner why you are doing it. If smoke is the problem, there are numerous other, less invasive options to choose from. The most important part here is communication.

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